20 The Film Magazine Articles to Read from 2018

15. Why Are We Still Scared of Horror Movies? 

Author: Beth Sawdon
Date Published: 18th Aug
Excerpt: How have horror movies changed to keep us squirming in our seats and seeking the thrill time and time again? Beth Sawdon investigates in this special feature.

A unique look at the way in which contemporary politics and culture have come to shape horror cinema and how the genre continues to use such changes to remain fresh, relevant and above all else scary.

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14. Holy Water and Unholy Ghosts – The Resurrection of Hammer

Author: Kieran Judge
Date Published: 5th Sept
Excerpt: Hammer, perhaps the most iconic horror movie company in the world, mirrored some of its classic films to come back from the dead. But what happened next? Kieran Judge examines…

This article even gained the attention of the official Hammer Facebook page, which left a comment declaring “we’re not finished yet” upon reading the piece. Kieran Judge’s debut piece chronicling the history of Hammer as a horror film producer was incredibly interesting, tugging on nostalgia strings and offering assurances for the future.

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13. The 8 Most 80s Movies of the 1980s

Author: Elizabeth Howlett
Date Published: 6th Sept
Excerpt: The Film Magazine runs down the 8 films that truly embody 1980s cinema, and which characteristics make them so unapologetically 80’s.

Looking back at the ever-popular 80s, Elizabeth Howlett provided the list that just keeps on giving with her selection of the 8 most 80s movies of the decade. Funny and charming, this was one of the most unique and enjoyable lists of the year.

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12. Who Is Jareth in Labyrinth (1986) and Why Has He Got A Bulging Penis? 

Author: Elizabeth Howlett
Date Published: 25th Sept
Excerpt: Jareth’s penis bulge has finally been explained. Why is Bowie trying to chat up a child, and why did Jim Henson create a sexually charged labyrinth?

This concept, which at first seems like an act of absurdist comedy, transforms from funny and engaging into interesting, in-depth analysis, offering a conclusion as to why David Bowie’s… uh… “presence” was so large in the children’s fantasy film Labyrinth.

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11. Why You Should Reconsider Adam Sandler

Author: Joseph Wade
Date Published: 2nd Oct
Excerpt: Why it’s time to reconsider Adam Sandler as an actor according to Joseph Wade.

Arguably the face of badly constructed, unfunny American comedy, Adam Sandler has lost a lot of respect over the years, but is it time we reconsider him as a performer? Joseph Wade thinks so.

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