20 The Film Magazine Articles to Read from 2018

10. More Human Than Human: An Introduction to Cyberpunk

Author: Kieran Judge
Date Published: 8th Oct
Excerpt: Where did cyberpunk originate and what makes it such an influential sci-fi sub-genre in cinema? Kieran Judge walks you through.

Looking back through history and academia, Kieran Judge introduces us to Cyberpunk, using films like Metropolis, Blade Runner and The Matrix Revolutions as useful reference points.

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9. Fabric Love: Costume In Gay Cinema

Author: Annice White
Date Published: 10th Oct
Excerpt: The role of clothing in male-male romances is very distinct. Annice White takes you through the how and why with comparisons between ‘Call Me By Your Name’, ‘God’s Own Country’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

This insightful piece on the use of costume in gay cinema breaks down three of the most memorable and relevant gay romances as examples of its theory in this specific and interesting article.

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8. A Look Inward: Introspection in A Star Is Born

Author: Jacob Davis
Date Published: 11th Oct
Excerpt: “Seeing someone’s true self is important in ‘A Star Is Born’, but being able to look at one’s self is even more important.” Introspection in ‘A Star Is Born’, by Jacob Davis.

Jacob Davis’ analysis of the hugely popular and critically acclaimed A Star Is Born focuses on introspection and how the film presents it. It’s a truly insightful article that acts as a useful side dish to your own viewing of the film.

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7. The History of Zombies In Cinema

Author: Rhian Gillah
Date Published: 27th Oct
Excerpt: Drawing from John Landis’ “Monsters in the Movies”, Rhian Gillah explores the development of zombies throughout cinematic history.

This interesting and insightful look at the history of zombies in cinema was an interesting and knowledge-building piece that drew from an academic style to present its information concisely and in an easy to digest manner.

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6. 10 Scariest Harry Potter Movie Moments

Author: Sophie Grant
Date Published: 30th Oct
Excerpt: The 10 scariest moments from the Harry Potter movies counted down by Sophie Grant.

The Harry Potter franchise is often dismissed as being a children’s and young teen franchise, but as Sophie Grant proves in this list, there are some truly scary moments scattered throughout the 8 movies.

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