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10 Best Hunger Games Moments - The 10 best moments from the 'Hunger Games' film franchise. The very best bits from the four central franchise films released 2012-2015. Article by David Roskin.
Children of the Corn Movies Ranked - All 11 'Children of the Corn' horror movies, including the original 1984 Stephen King adaptation, ranked from worst to best. List by Kieran Judge.
10 Best Raw Moments - Julia Ducournau's monumental debut 'Raw' (2016) is a gruelling and grizzly look at female sexuality. Here are the 10 best moments. Article by Emi Grant.
10 Best The Shining Moments - The best moments from Stanley Kubrick's iconic and important horror film 'The Shining' (1980), starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd. Article by Holly Carter.
10 Best The Wicker Man Moments - The best moments from Robin Hardy's 1973 folk horror classic 'The Wicker Man', starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee. Article by Katie Doyle.
10 Best The Sixth Sense Moments - Boasting one of the most frequently quoted lines in film history and a truly unforgettable twist, 'The Sixth Sense' is filled with iconic moments. Here are the best. Article by Emily Nighman.
10 Best Get Out Moments - The best moments from Jordan Peele's award-winning feature debut, 'Get Out' (2017). These are the reasons why 'Get Out' is regarded as an all-time great horror. Article by Martha Lane.
5 Unmissable Martin Scorsese Documentaries - Martin Scorsese will always have a place on the Mount Rushmore of filmmakers. Here are 5 unmissable documentaries (non-fiction films) directed by the great filmmaker. List by John McDonald.

10 Best Films of All Time: Mark Carnochan - The 10 best films of all time according to The Film Magazine staff writer Mark Carnochan. List includes films from some of cinema's most influential names.
10 Best Films of All Time: Jacob Davis - The 10 Best Films of All Time according to The Film Magazine producer, podcaster and staff writer, Jacob Davis. List includes a rich variety of offerings.