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Who/What Is The Film Magazine?

  • The Film Magazine is a truly independent online film publication that serves upwards of 10,000 social media followers and tens of thousands of visitors per month.
  • The content available for free across all The Film Magazine platforms is written by our passionate group of well educated, intelligent and insightful team members – you can find out more about each of them at the “Our Team” page.
  • We were founded by a small group of film (and related) degree graduates who sought to use the website as a platform for sharing their expertise on the medium. Starting off the brand with zero budget and only a blog URL to their name, it was the love and support of the film community purchasing items from our RedBubble store that built us into what we are today – more on our About page.
  • All written content is produced and edited by our Editor in Chief Joseph Wade. He has a Masters in Contemporary Cinema and Television with close to 10 years experience editing online publications and several more working as a freelance entertainment columnist.

How Can I Keep Up With The Film Magazine? 

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How Can I Help Keep The Film Magazine Alive?

  • It’s simple really… click our stuff.
    – If you like it, leave a comment on site or tweet us.
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  • As a zero-budget organisation, we have never received any kind of financial backing and run on the money earned through merchandise sales and ad revenue. This means that you are why we’re here.

Do You Accept Invitations to Festivals and/or Screenings?

  • Yes. In fact, we encourage it. Get in touch via our Contact Us page for details.

Can I Submit My Film for Review?

  • Of course! Click on our Contact Us page for details.

Why Do You Review Films On a 24 Point Scale?

  • Film displays 24 still images per second, giving the impression of fluid movement. We thought that reviews should rank films based on how many of these images are worth seeing. More information is available on our About page.

Can I Submit News? 

Can I/We Republish Your Content?

  • Not without permission.
    – The Film Magazine is keen to discuss partnerships but all content/s published to our website is the exclusive property of The Film Magazine, Ltd. and is protected by UK copyright law.
    – If you wish to form a partnership with us or would like permission to use an article for any means, please use the information available on our Contact Us page.

Who Can I File A Complaint With? 

  • First of all, check out our Contact Us page for the most up to date means of communicating any dissatisfaction with us.
  • If you’re still unsure, please fill in the form at the foot of this page and we’ll endeavour to be in touch within the next 48 hours.

Is My Information Private With You?