Our Story

The Film Magazine started out as a passive thought shared between close friends in our graduating year at a North Eastern UK university in the Summer of 2012 and blossomed into an active Tumblr blog by the Summer of 2014. Originally a group of 7 avid film watchers and nerds of the so-called “lost generation”, we began raising funds through the sale of movie-related merchandise at redbubble.com. With our love and knowledge of the industry ever expanding, we promoted our new brand across a variety of social networking sites and quickly raised the money and audience needed for us to create this website – thefilmagazine.com.

Our Mission

As film buffs and scholars, we are always consciously attempting to create entertaining and enlightening film-related journalism that separates us from the vast majority of similar websites across the web. An ever expanding content stream moving across platforms is something we’ve worked hard on, and we could only do this by constantly reviewing feedback and taking suggestions – we’d like to thank you all for this and so much more.

Currently, The Film Magazine is a not-for-profit organisation, which means that all of the money we make from merchandise, advertising and so on, will be thrown back into the website in one way or another.

Simply put, we’re here to try and make our own way in the world by creating discussions around the things we are educated in and love the most: Movies.

Our Reviews System

TFM's 24 Point Scale

Thank You

Whether you’re a frequent website visitor or a “follower”/”liker” of one of our many social networking sites, your custom is more valuable to us than we could possibly explain. It is because of you that we exist and we will forever be grateful for that. Nothing is more important to us than your pleasure and continued loyalty.

We’re just a bunch of people working towards a larger goal. Thank you for making that possible.

For any unanswered questions, please refer to our FAQ page.