20 The Film Magazine Articles to Read from 2018

5. The Best Films of the New French Extreme

Author: Jason Lithgo
Date Published: 30th Oct
Excerpt: Not for the faint hearted, the New French Extreme wave of cinema has had its very best presented by Jason Lithgo in this list. Content warning: abuse, gore.

This deeper look at one of the more niche markets of horror cinema opened up new perspectives and gave many a horror fan more films to enjoy.

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4. The Man of Rearden Steel: Objectivism in Contemporary Cinema

Author: Jacob Davis
Date Published: 26th Nov
Excerpt: Ayn Rand’s Objectivism isn’t only potent in ‘Batman v Superman’ but an unfortunate philosophy of film in general, according to Jacob Davis.

Published as a part of Jacob Davis’ series of analysis of Zack Snyder’s poorly received Batman v Superman (read part 1 & 2), this picture opened up the conversation into that of representation of politics and ideology in contemporary superhero movies, giving great insight into the motivations of those behind the scenes.

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3. What Happens When You Spend A Week Watching Christmas 24? 

Author: Elizabeth Howlett
Date Published: 30th Nov – 7th Dec
Excerpt: Will watching made-for-TV Christmas movies on Christmas 24 for an entire week prove to be a much needed festive injection, or will it unleash unholy Christmas fury?

This hilarious yet equally poignant journey through straight-to-TV Hallmark movies broadcast on Christmas 24 saw Elizabeth Howlett endure a week of Christmas cheese for your viewing pleasure. This 7-part series was a hoot!

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2. I’m a 90s Kid and I Watched Home Alone for the First Time This Year

Author: Annice White
Date Published: 8th Dec
Excerpt: A 90s kid who’s never seen ‘Home Alone’? You’ve got to be kidding! Annice White watched it for the first time in 2018, here are her thoughts.

How can a person born in the 90s not have seen Home Alone? Hasn’t everyone seen it? Apparently not, as Annice White explains in this funny confessional.

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1. The Worst Show – A Historian’s Account of The Greatest Showman’s Problematic Retelling of History

Author: Darcy Rae
Date Published: 12th Dec
Excerpt: “It’s not hard in this day and age to get your facts right and do some research.” – a historian’s account of The Greatest Showman’s problematic retelling of history (by Darcy Rae).

The Greatest Showman has become a cultural phenomenon despite its questionable politics. Darcy Rae approaches it from the perspective of a historian, questioning how and why decisions were made regarding the problematic retelling of history.

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