10 Most Popular The Film Magazine Articles 2018

If 2018 has proven anything here at The Film Magazine, it’s that people really like lists.

Here are the year’s 10 most popular articles. Check them out, leave a comment, show your support.

(Joint) 10. An Artist’s Contributions: David Wark Griffith / 10 Must-See Football Movies

Authors: Francesca Militello / Joseph Wade
Date/s Published: 3rd May / 14th June

“An Artist’s Contributions” Excerpt: Highly influential ‘Broken Blossoms’ and ‘The Birth of a Nation’ director David Wark Griffith is the topic of Francesca Militello’s latest piece in her “An Artist’s Contributions” series. Just how did Griffith influence modern cinema? Find out here.

Must-See Football Movies Excerpt: There have been some classic football movies released over the years, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup got us thinking, so we had Joseph Wade list the top 10 football films of all time.

Read DW Griffith Piece Here.
Read Football Movies Piece Here.

9. What Happens When You Spend A Week Watching Christmas 24?

Elizabeth Howlett Christmas

Author: Elizabeth Howlett
Date Published: 30th Nov – 7th Dec
Excerpt: Will watching made-for-TV Christmas movies on Christmas 24 for an entire week prove to be a much needed festive injection, or will it unleash unholy Christmas fury?

This hilarious 7-part journey through made-for-TV movies on Christmas 24 echoed the sentiments of some of the season’s best movies by hitting us with a slice of wholesomeness at the end of the journey; one befitting of the very best of Christmas jingles. It’s a shame the movies Elizabeth had to sit through weren’t so good…

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8. 10 Black Panther Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Black Panther Movie

Author: Joseph Wade
Date Published: 18th Feb
Excerpt: The biggest ‘Black Panther’ movie facts you probably don’t know…

People really loved Black Panther. Who’d have known?

Read here.

7. Who Is Jareth in ‘Labyrinth’ (1986) and Why Has He Got A Bulging Penis? 

Author: Elizabeth Howlett
Date Published: 25th Sept
Excerpt: Jareth’s penis bulge has finally been explained. Why is Bowie trying to chat up a child, and why did Jim Henson create a sexually charged labyrinth?

The undoubted social media hit of 2018, this in-depth film analysis from Elizabeth Howlett has a touch of the absurd about it, but it also offers some much needed truths. With this piece, you get the best of both worlds: enlightenment and comedy.

Read here.

6. How Science Fiction Movies Have Influenced Technology

Sci Fi Technology in real life

Author: Craig Sheldon
Date Published: 4th June
Excerpt: “what is science fiction really? By definition, it’s science that isn’t real. Or is it?” Craig Sheldon takes you through the real-life impact sci-fi movie gadgets and gizmos have had in this special feature.

This debut piece from Craig Sheldon offered conceivable links between the evolution of the dreams of filmmakers and those of scientists, bridging the gap between art and science and suggesting that all are a part of the human pursuit of greater understanding.

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5. Illumination Entertainment Animated Movies Ranked

Illumination Entertainment Movies Ranked

Author: Joseph Wade
Date Published: 2nd Aug
Excerpt: Since bursting onto the scene in 2010 with ‘Despicable Me’, Illumination Entertainment have become a major player in Western animation. Here are all their films ranked worst to best.

The popular animation giants Illumination may not have been around all that long, but they’ve certainly made an impact. In this edition of ranked, the studio’s 8 pre-Grinch releases are ranked from worst to best.

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4. Star Wars Live-Action Movies Ranked

Star Wars Movies Ranked Worst to Best

Author: Joseph Wade
Date Published: 27th May
Excerpt: All live-action Star Wars movies ranked from worst to best, as updated in 2018 following the release of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’. 10 movies, ranked worst to best here at The Film Magazine.

Divisive 2018 release Solo: A Star Wars Story was the newcomer to this edition of Ranked, the intrigue of audiences seeming to pay dividends.

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3. Home Alone Movies Ranked

Home Alone 1-5

Author: Joseph Wade
Date Published: 9th Dec
Excerpt: All 5 ‘Home Alone’ Movies from the original in 1990 to the 2012 release ‘The Holiday Heist’ ranked from worst to best. “Keep the change ya filthy animal.”

People really love Christmas. People really love Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin was in a Google advert. This just made sense…

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2. Top 5 Sexiest Movies of All Time

Top 5 sexiest movies

Author: Joseph Wade
Date Published: 14th Feb
Excerpt: Which films are the sexiest of all time? We’ve deliberated long and hard to celebrate just five in this list: The Top 5 Sexiest Movies of All Time.

Sex sells.

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1. The Bourne Collection Ranked

Every Bourne Movie Ranked TFM

Author: Joseph Wade
Date Published: 21st Jan
Excerpt: All five movies from the ‘Bourne’ movie franchise, from ‘The Bourne Identity’ in 2002 to ‘Jason Bourne’ in 2016, have been ranked from worst to best here at The Film Magazine.

This one had all year to top our charts, though the franchise’s popularity sure helped.

Read here.

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