Joseph Wade

Founder | Editor

An experienced entertainment writer for a handful of popular brands, and an editor of online and offline writing since 2013, I am the founder, owner and editor here at The Film Magazine. I’m a Master’s graduate in Contemporary Cinema and wrote a 25,000 word thesis on Auteur Theory and the cinema of poetry. Particular favourites include Terrence Malick, Charles Chaplin, and working class British dramas.

For more than a century, humanity has shared in the experience of living in another person’s shoes for 90-minutes at a time. Together, we have traversed time and space, have found the universal in the specific, and have shared in our anxieties, fears, hopes and dreams. I believe that every film brings us one step closer to understanding one another, to crossing lines of division, the very act of witnessing life from a different perspective being the ultimate tool for empathy.

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“I don’t want to be an emperor.”

– The Great Dictator (1940)