21 Most Popular Articles 2021

5. Terminator Movies Ranked

Author: Sam Sewell-Peterson
Twitter: @SSPThinksFilm

Despite not being back in 2021, this early-year edition of ranked from Sam Sewell-Peterson proved that film lovers are still very much invested in The Terminator and the wider franchise of Terminator films. While not every film in the franchise (mostly starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) can’t be considered a hit, this article sure can.

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4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies Ranked

Author: Luke Hinton
Twitter: @lukeh38

The Film Magazine’s October months are usually our most successful, and a huge driving force behind our record-breaking month in 2021 was this ranking of the world-famous Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies from Luke Hinton, a guest writer with a clear and evident understanding of Tobe Hooper’s classic and horror as a whole.

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3. Spy Kids Movies Ranked

Author: Sophia Patfield

Never bet against Gen Y and Gen Z when it comes to nostalgia for CG-driven fantasy kids movies from outlandish Mexican directors.

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2. Pokémon Anime Movies Ranked

Author: George Taylor
Twitter: @MrGeorgelax

Twenty-three movies released across twenty-two years, ranked from worst to best by the persistent (and insightful) George Taylor. Our usual news reporter truly sunk his teeth into this one and was rewarded by droves of fans making this our 2nd most popular new release of the year.

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1. DCEU Movies Ranked

Author: Joseph Wade
Twitter: @JoeTFM

With interest high in the coming The Batman and 2021’s most controversial superhero release Zack Snyder’s Justice League, this ‘should-have-been-written-years-ago’ effort from editor Joseph Wade tops our annual chart because people really love superheroes and what else did we have to do in the early months of the year other than watch and read escapist fun?

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