21 Most Popular Articles 2021

17. ‘Spirited Away’ at 20 – Review

Author: Katie Doyle
Twitter: @Katie_TFM

As one of the most exceptional, influential and memorable anime films of all time, Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away was celebrated and reassessed by Katie Doyle in this retrospective review that sought to unravel the purpose of Hayao Miyazaki’s unmissable masterpiece.

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16. The Winter Lake (2021) Review

Author: Kevin Woodley

British thriller The Winter Lake earned a lot of traction in 2021, Kevin Woodley’s swift and precise analysis pairing excellently with the film’s ever-clickable co-star Emma Mackey (of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’).

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15. Ben Wheatley Films Ranked

Author: Sam Sewell-Peterson
Twitter: @SSPThinksFilm

Ben Wheatley’s directorial style is arguably one of the most easily recognisable of any British filmmaker working in the 21st century, and in this list from Sam Sewell-Peterson each of his eight feature films (featuring stars like Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston) were compared and contrasted to separate the classics from the “just good”.

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14. Cruella (2021) Review

Author: Mark Carnochan
Twitter: @MarkJurassic

One of the early post-pandemic Disney hits, Cruella seemed to give fans of 101 Dalmations something to talk about, with Emma Stone drawing particularly strong praise for her portrayal of the iconic Disney animation villain. Mark Carnochan described the spin-off as “fresh”, which when compared to other Disney remakes and reboots can be considered a success.

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