21 Most Popular Articles 2021

More so than in any other year, cinema has proven itself as an invaluable resource for human connectivity in 2021. Through the silver screen, whether watched on our phones, TVs or in IMAX, the very best and most-missed of cinema’s great artists and productions have stirred discussion, asked us to question our beliefs, and forced a deeper introspection than we could have ever believed possible in the midst of deeply upsetting global tragedy.

Here at The Film Magazine, our team of sensational, intelligent and (truthfully) overqualified writers have bravely battered away the anxieties and threats of the world to escape for an hour, two, three or even four (in the case of Zack Snyder’s Justice League) to bring to you essential coverage of over 100 new releases and present the very best from some of the year’s most reputable film festivals.

In doing so, our 19 regular writers and many more guest contributors have offered articles as wide in scope as “Where to Start with” guides and ranked lists, filmmaker interviews and breaking news stories, presenting hundreds of new portals into the world of cinema.

Together with our outstanding supporters and strong social media following, the efforts of our team have broken new ground for The Film Magazine with thefilmagazine.com having been visited by over 50% more people than in any other year in our history. Thank you for your support.

In this Movie List, we’re counting down the 21 articles that you (the readers) have judged to be our very best; ranking each in terms of visitor count, starting from the 21st highest and counting down to the most popular article released in 2021.

The rules are simple: this list only includes articles written and published in their first iterations in 2021 and therefore doesn’t include list updates, such as is the case for our popular “Spider-Man Movies Ranked” article. Please note that lists naturally accrue more visitors as they are set over multiple pages.

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21. Voice of Silence (2021) Review

Author: Jack Cameron
Twitter: @JackCam86118967

“So rarely has there been a film so gentle and heart-warming that also so deeply challenges your sense of morality.”

Reviewed as an integral part of The Film Magazine’s Glasgow Film Festival coverage, this South Korean off-kilter drama from impressive debut director Hong Eui-jeong proved to be popular courtesy of guest author Jack Cameron’s impressive and tightly constructed review.

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20. ‘Planet of the Apes’ at 20 – Review

Author: Sam Sewell-Peterson
Twitter: @SSPThinksFilm

For the 20th birthday of Tim Burton’s critically maligned Planet of the Apes remake, Sam Sewell-Peterson sought to reanalyse and reassess Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth and company, discovering that things aren’t quite as bad as we all remember, especially with the benefit of twenty years of reboots and remakes.

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19. Where to Start with Gene Kelly

Author: Joseph Wade
Twitter: @JoeTFM 

Shared by Gene Kelly’s widow Patricia Kelly on social media, this handy guide on where to start with one of Hollywood’s leading lights and most iconic faces is sure to lead you down a rabbit hole of spectacular musicals, ear worms and all the golden era Hollywood romance your heart can muster.

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18. Showa Era Godzilla Movies Ranked

Author: Sam Sewell-Peterson
Twitter: @SSPThinksFilm

Toho Studios founded Godzilla and made him famous. Putting the anxieties of Japan into mass circulation and gaining a worldwide cult following, they would make fifteen films through what is now known as the Shōwa Era, each of which were ranked worst to best by Sam Sewell-Peterson.

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