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From the ashes of a pandemic-stricken 2020, a theatrical line-up of cinematic experiences rich with diverse albeit often underappreciated (at the box office) five star films have risen. Whether it be those not in the English language like many of Cannes Film Festival’s 2021 line-up, direct-to-streaming efforts, or typical Oscar fare, 2021 has offered some of the best films in recent memory, and in this Movie List from The Film Magazine we’re highlighting the highest scoring of those reviewed by our insightful and analytical team of film reviewers.

In 2021, our team have reviewed over 150 films, judging no less than 15 to be 5 stars (21/24 and above – ie, Hall of Fame-worthy), and the very best of those 15 – those ranked 23/24 and above – have made this list of our Best Reviewed Films 2021.

In this list we will be sharing only feature films, so short films with high ratings such as If Anything Happens I Love You (24/24) will not be included. We will also only be sharing those that were released in the UK in 2021, so The Souvenir: Part II will not be eligible despite being rated 24/24 because it is not due for release until 2022.

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9. Pig – 23/24

Pig is possibly better than anything else it could have been, and certainly better than anyone could have expected. With this debut 2021 release, Michael Sarnoski proves himself to be a seriously talented filmmaker to watch, Pig being one of the most beautifully cathartic cinema experiences of the year.” – Mark Carnochan

Pig Review

8. Nomadland – 23/24

“Like all great American road trips, Nomadland is a long and winding ride with a few unexpected turns and misdirection added in for the full immersive experience. It’s a road movie unlike any other and a masterful example of storytelling. The destination is unknown and far off into the distance, but the journey is one hell of a trip.” – Leoni Horton

Nomadland Review

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7. The Sparks Brothers – 23/24

“With The Sparks Brothers it is blatantly apparent that Sparks were the best subject matter for Edgar Wright to cover in his first foray into documentary filmmaking, and equally that Wright was the best director to make a long-awaited documentary about the Mael brothers. The passion of the director, and everyone else involved, never fails to shine through in The Sparks Brothers, just as the genius of Sparks themselves never seems to fade.” – Mark Carnochan

The Sparks Brothers Review

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