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3. Sound of Metal – 24/24

Sound of Metal is a triumph for Riz Ahmed, who has been steadily rising to the top, choosing unique roles and deservedly picking up esteem and awards attention for a while now. His performance is a testament to his talent, for he doesn’t deliver a single note out of place.” – Leoni Horton

Sound of Metal Review

2. In the Heights – 24/24

“Director Jon M. Chu echoes the success of his huge summer hit Crazy Rich Asians (2018) by filling the screen with his creative filmmaking skills and ensuring that for all the serious messaging, the film remains uplifting. In the Heights is jam-packed with powerful performances and fuelled by huge ensemble dance numbers all to the sound of Miranda’s addictive soundtrack; it truly is the uplifting, heartfelt, feel-good film that the world needs.” – Charlie Gardiner

In the Heights Review

1. David Byrne’s American Utopia – 24/24

“Spike Lee’s direction works wonders here; he works eloquently alongside Byrne to highlight the phenomenon of human connection. Lee nudges us to the forefront of every exuberant number, his keen vision elevating the film from just another Broadway recording to an immersive experience in which we can taste the Utopia Byrne dreams of.” – Leoni Horton

David Byrne’s American Utopia Review

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