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21. Where to Start with Martin Scorsese

Author: Jacob Davis
Twitter: @JacobFilmGuy

Excellent analytical work meets hugely personal intention in Jacob Davis’ Where to Start with guide on one of American cinema’s most respected and influential filmmakers, Martin Scorsese. Each entry is as much of an insight into Scorsese’s work as the last, forming the basis for one of the best director introductions there is.

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22. ‘Juno’ at 15 – Review

Author: Martha Lane
Twitter: @poor_and_clean

There is a tangible appreciation for the time, the scenario, the characters, and indeed the whole of Juno in Martha Lane’s review of the late-2000s independent darling. To revisit this unique film through such a lens is nothing short of a pleasure and goes a long way to confirming why the film was ever as big as it was.

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23. What Novelists Are For: ‘Atonement’ at 15

Author: Margaret Roarty
Twitter: @ManicMezzo

If you didn’t quite know why Atonement is considered a modern period drama classic, then this beautifully constructed essay on the constructs that make it so unique is sure to open your eyes. Margaret Roarty guides you through one of her favourite films.

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24. ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ at 30 – Review

Author: Katie Doyle
Twitter: @Katie_TFM

Katie Doyle blasts through the confines of your ordinary review to contextualise the release of The Muppet Christmas Carol thirty years on from its debut, criticising overlords Disney for their role in the downfall of the Muppets brand and celebrating this film for being the classic it is.

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25. A Ghost Story for Christmas Films Ranked

Author: Kieran Judge
Twitter: @KJudgeMental

Every entry in the A Ghost Story for Christmas series on the BBC is highlighted and analysed in this special short film edition of ranked from Kieran Judge. The dedication, both to the films and their source material, makes for excellent reading, while references to ‘Doctor Who’ are bound to please fans.

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