10 Best Thor Ragnarok Moments

2. The God of Thunder Cometh

His godly powers levelled up by newfound self-belief, Thor rides a raging storm down to relieve the beleaguered Asgardian defenders fighting Hela’s undead forces on the Rainbow Bridge as Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” adds to the already considerable momentum and general awesomeness of this action scene.

Thor may not have his precious hammer, but he clearly never needed it when but he can now wield lighting in close combat against his foes, blasting apart and scattering the zombie Asgardians without much effort but with considerable style.

1. The Doomed Ride of the Valkyries

The most vivid and memorable scene in Ragnarok is a short one, but it’s quite unlike anything else in The MCU.

Loki uses his powers of illusion to bring Valkyrie’s (Tessa Thompson) most painful memory back; the day she lost everyone she loved.

We’re immediately transported thousands of years back in time to take in a glittering, super slow-motion Wagnerian panorama of an army of Asgard’s warrior angels on winged horses being slaughtered one-by-one by Hela. It’s a dialogue-free series of hyper-expressive tableaus, but it’s a more striking, tragic and stunningly beautiful minute or so of screen time than we’ve ever seen in a comic book movie, and it really emphasises Valkyrie’s deeply-buried trauma that she drowns in a bottle. 

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