10 Best Thor Ragnarok Moments

5. “He’s a Friend from Work.”

After a tense build to the reveal of the Grandmaster’s unstoppable champion gladiator, Hulk bursts roaring into the arena, prompting a cheer of joy from Thor who then explains to the bewildered crowds that “He’s a friend from work”. But Hulk has been Hulk for a long time and really enjoys brutally killing people, so Thor’s attempts to reach Banner only result in him being rag-dolled exactly as Loki had been in The Avengers.

We’ve seen a few of the Avengers fight before -Thor and Iron Man, Hulk and Iron Man, Captain America and Iron Man (Tony doesn’t play well with others) – but this is probably the most all-round entertaining of the bunch, with Thor trying to reason with the green guy up to a point but inevitably getting pissed off and retaliating with some big hits of his own.

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4. “Get Help!”

On the run from the Grandmaster’s minions, Thor and Loki have a long and awkward elevator ride to a hanger with an escape ship, giving them plenty of time to talk things out.

Amazingly, Thor finally shows some maturity and finds some common ground with his maniacal adopted sibling, acknowledging that they will always have begrudging brotherly affection (“Loki, I thought the world of you”), while understanding that they are very different people and should probably stop trying to change each other (“You’re you and I’m me”). In the very next breath, Thor of course ruins the moment by suggesting they do “get help” (Loki plays dead and gets thrown) as a distraction tactic.

3. The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard

Thor arrives in Asgard early in the film to see a dramatic stage re-enactment of Loki’s apparent death in The Dark World (how do these actors who weren’t there know what happened?) backed by a mournful choir and watched by Loki himself disguised as Odin.

The sight of Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth as theatre actors playing Thor and Loki, not to mention Anthony Hopkins flouncing around as the God of Mischief veiled under a spell of illusion, is indeed a hilarious one. Thor is not fooled and quickly forces his devious brother to reveal his true form with the threat of Mjolnir rapidly approaching his face.

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