10 Best Thor Ragnarok Moments

8. Horrific History Lesson

After almost effortlessly conquering Asgard, Hela proudly strides into Odin’s grand palace with her new chief henchman Skurge (Karl Urban) and quickly realises her dear old dad has seen to it that she was erased from their history.

Looking up at a beautiful “garden party” mural on the ceiling, she condemns the lies – that Odin is “Proud to have it, ashamed of how he got it”. In an act of blatant vandalism, Hela then brings down the mural by force to reveal a much darker and more violent scene on a second mural below depicting Hela, Fenris the giant wolf, and Odin, building an empire through conquest and bloodshed, the history of colonialism writ very large indeed.

7. “You Are Now Meeting the Grandmaster.”

Thor is imprisoned for a second time in the film by the narcissistic pansexual ruler of Sakaar, the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). After regaining consciousness, Thor finds himself strapped to a chair as a sci-fi conveyor takes him to the Grandmaster’s audience chamber.

Trippy stargate-from-2001 lights flash by, a monotonous recorded voice tells the Grandmaster’s probably made up backstory, and a very familiar musical refrain usually associated with a more chocolate-obsessed sociopath is heard in the background. When Thor reaches his destination, the flamboyant tyrant, curious about his new visitor but keen to retain his authority, proceeds to melt another prisoner at the cost of his favourite slippers, flirt with Loki, and duly inform Thor he must fight as a gladiator and best his champion to win his freedom from slavery.

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6. “Are you Thor, the God of Hammers?”

On the edge of defeat after facing Hela in mortal combat, minus an eye for his troubles and facing the end of his world, Thor has a timely vision of Odin from beyond the grave.

The Allfather doesn’t give his son a pep talk per se (“Even when you had two eyes you never saw the bigger picture”) but instead delivers one of the greatest sarcastic put-downs in the MCU to get his son to stop feeling sorry for himself and mourning Mjolnir. It’s enough to get a broken and beaten Thor back into battle stronger than ever. It’s funny, it’s simple, and it’s strangely profound.

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