Sam Sewell-Peterson

Sam Sewell-Peterson

Producer | Staff Writer | Podcaster

Sam is an MA Film Studies writer with a taste for everything from Marvel to Mike Leigh. When he’s not watching the latest comic book blockbuster or an animated classic you’ll probably find him seeking out  something interesting from Japan or South Korea.

Film is where I escape to, where I process my thoughts and feelings on the world, where I live. Filmmakers allow me to travel around our world and beyond it, to the past and the future, hearing the voices of the voiceless amplified as they tell their own stories on the big screen. Roger Ebert once said “The movies are like a machine that generates empathy” and I agree with that. If I’m watching a film and it doesn’t make me feel something, or make me think, then what’s the point?

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“You’re not smarter, Walter, you’re just a little taller.”

– Double Indemnity (1944)