10 Best Jackass: The Movie Moments

2. Dave England Shits Himself

The comedy of this unforgettable sketch is twofold, though so is the gross, so this is one segment of Jackass: The Movie to avoid if you’re not into seeing freshly squeezed poo on the big screen.

Dave England, having recently downed laxatives, is about to do a bit where he takes a poo in one of the model toilets on sale at a local store. Only he doesn’t make it, instead shitting his pants in one of the seats of the crew’s minivan.

Everyone freaks out, exiting at a rapid pace, meanwhile camera operator Lance Bangs is left to film the carnage, later throwing up as a result.

The crew then return later in the day to do the bit for real, England taking the shit in front of customers and staff just as promised. That’s called being a professional.

How can you forget this? “Best” might be a stretch, but “memorable” and “iconic” to the Jackass brand it most certainly is.

1. Johnny Knoxville Nearly Dies in Golf Cart Derby

The “Don’t Try This At Home” message that most ignore at the beginning of ‘Jackass’ episodes became a poignant reminder of the dangers of messing around when Johnny Knoxville nearly died during Jackass: The Movie’s Golf Cart Derby.

Running golf carts over an obstacle-filled golf course at a rapid pace, Knoxville was driven over a bunker by fellow cast member Ryan Dunn, the pair colliding with a model of a pig and tumbling directly to the ground at high pace. What’s worse is that Dunn landed on him.

Reportedly, Knoxville only suffered a concussion, luckily escaping what could have been fatal. If ever there was proof that Johnny Knoxville was the captain of the team, this was it: an unforgettable, unique movie moment that best represents all that ‘Jackass’ ever was and the Jackass movies would ever be. Fun, punk-rock-inspired, anti-authoritarian jackassery of the highest order.

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