10 Best Jackass: The Movie Moments

8. Party Boy Japan

Chris Pontius’ Party Boy was a gimmick long established by the time he took the act to Japan for Jackass: The Movie.

What makes this iteration of the skit (which involves Pontius playing dance music and removing most of his clothes to dance) so funny, is that it takes place in a country that has a population known for its polite demeanour, so witnessing polite retail workers, fortune tellers and police officers try to navigate the act is made all the more funny by their natural inclination to do very little about it.

Party Boy is a skit that has aged poorly, and consequently didn’t feature in Jackass Forever (2022), but the men Pontius pranked here seemed to be in good enough spirits to allow the filmmakers to use their footage, and so it makes the list courtesy of its memorability, the twist on its usual premise, and how iconic the Party Boy was to Jackass at the time.

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7. BMX Tug-of-War

The BMX Tug-of-War was a simple concept: what’s stronger, the force of a speedy BMX or the weight of the heaviest jackass you can find? The answer… neither.

Attaching a BMX-riding Ryan Dunn to a couch-sitting Preston Lacy by bungee rope, then having Dunn ride over a small dirt ramp in an attempt to clear a sizeable cactus garden, ended about as painfully as you might expect from a Jackass stunt. Preston was unwillingly flung from the sofa and face first into the dirt, whilst Dunn was yanked from his bike and into the waiting cacti, pierced seemingly head to toe with pricks.

This seems like a one-and-done stunt, and given the pain both guys were in it’s easy to see why.

6. Roller Disco Truck

The set-up for this stunt was about as important as the stunt itself, the Jackass crew starting a roller disco with all the enthusiasm of a comedy stage show. As they began to move, so did the dance floor, and the big reveal of them being in the back of a truck proved a quite shocking but equally funny punchline to a gag played seemingly at the behest of truck driver Preston Lacy.

As Preston drove the truck around a parking lot with all the thrill of a psychotic doctor, the likes of Bam Margera and Steve-O were flung from pillar to post, crashing into the walls of the truck, into each other, being tossed into the air, and in some cases landing full-body-weight on their fellow jackasses (all with heavy skates on).

There are perhaps some stunts that didn’t make this list that are more memorable, such as Rent-a-Car Derby and Bungie Wedgie, but this one is smarter and more satisfying; a good pun mixed with all the carnage you can expect from the Jackass boys.

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