10 Best Jackass: The Movie Moments

5. The Slow-Mo Intro

What better way for the jackasses to arrive on the big screen than for them to literally crash their way through obstacles on an oversized trolley? It was like a well choreographed breaking in to Hollywood, and featured all of the staples of a typical ‘Jackass’ TV episode, crashes and all.

There’s no doubt that of all the budget left over from the crew’s trip to Japan, most of it went on this stunt. And it checked all the boxes: cinematic, funny, in-keeping with the tone of the film, and something of a preview for what was to come.

This was the Jackass crew breaking down the walls to Hollywood their own way, and telling everyone else to deal with it. What’s more Jackass than that?

4. Steve-O’s Alligator Tightrope

A man with a tattoo of himself on his back (more on that to come), tries to walk a tightrope over an alligator enclosure wearing nothing but a jock strap and a tin helmet. What could possibly go wrong?

Untrained in the art of tightrope walking, Jackass’ Steve-O failed pretty quickly at the task of walking the rope across the enclosure, instead pulling himself along like a sloth, fellow cast member Chris Pontius hanging meat from the strap in his ass crack for the hungry ‘gators to reach for. And reach they did.

In one moment, Steve-O has the meat snatched from his jockstrap, the next he has fallen in the water and quickly has to quickly flee to the safety of the enclosure’s fence, barely missing the snapping mouth of an alligator waiting on the enclosure’s dry patch.

He could have died, but as it turns out this wasn’t even Steve-O’s biggest moment in this movie filled with big Steve-O moments…

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3. World’s Dumbest Tattoo

(Picture from Steve-O’s Twitter)

By Steve-O’s own admission, his time in the early days of ‘Jackass’ were spent addled by substance abuse and battles with addiction, and of all the stupid things he did in Jackass: The Movie, having his own face tattooed onto his back is perhaps the most stupid. Stupid, but funny.

Steve-O’s the kind of guy you can’t help but to love, his boyish charm and cheeky grin making him the kind of guy you route for, even in his darkest days. This tattoo… not so much. But how we laugh.

This segment of the movie is only small – an introduction to “Off Road Tattoo” in which Steve-O is tattooed whilst riding in the back of a moving vehicle – but enough to leave a lasting impression. It even created a trend of self-professed stupid boys having their own likenesses tattooed on themselves.

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