10 Best Jackass Number Two Moments

“Number Two”… see what they did there?

Grossing the entirety of its $11.5million production budget in its first day of release, Jeff Tremaine’s Jackass: The Movie sequel Jackass Number Two solidified the “Jackass” brand as something of an early 2000s cultural phenomenon, the critically divisive movie embedding Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O and company into the plethora of most recognisable names of the era once and for all.

This second central franchise instalment was more focused than the first, the acts more elaborate. Johnny Knoxville has been quoted as saying that many of the stunts and skits were inspired by the Looney Tunes, his “Big Red Rocket” stunt being perhaps the most obvious example, it being a Wile E. Coyote bit come to life. Across the board, Knoxville and company got grander in scale, more elaborate in their pranks, and whilst Jackass Number Two may not have had the same through line of off-the-cuff antics as the first Jackass movie, there are still plenty of moments to enjoy; still lots to cringe and laugh at, and just as much to leave your jaw agape.

In this Movie List from The Film Magazine, we’re looking at every skit, stunt, twist and turn from Jackass Number Two to compare the Anaconda Ball Pit to Dirty Grandpa Part 1, the Big Tyre Race to the Beehive Limo, and decipher which moments are the funniest, most cringe-inducing, and most important, for this: the 10 Best Jackass Number Two Moments.

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10. The “Puppet Show”

One of the never-changing character traits of Jackass cast member Chris Pontius is that he has a large penis. So large, in fact, that the crew will use any excuse to show it off. Ahead of Jackass Number Two, he’d paraded around in tight, shiny underwear as a part of his “Party Boy” skits, but for this bigger and badder sequel, he put his penis on the line.

With his phallus wrapped in tape and sporting small ears to make it look like a mouse, Chris Pontius placed it through a glory hole and into a snake tank. Johnny Knoxville, ever-willing to be of assistance, then used some string to puppet the penis and get the attention of the crew’s hungry snake; a snake that was more than willing to bite.

It’s unlikely Pontius actually felt anything, but this skit is quintessential Jackass; guys putting their junk on the line for a shot at the limelight and a big bundle of cash (plus it’s quite funny how much effort went into the set up of the stunt).

9. Big Red Rocket

Johnny Knoxville nearly died… again.

Inspired by the work of Evel Knievel and the Looney Tunes, Knoxville sat himself on the outside of a ginormous rocket and looked to be rocketed into the sky whilst his fellow jackasses watched on in terror. During the first attempt, the explosives that were meant to lift the Jackass star into the air actually burst through the rocket’s outer shell, narrowly (and luckily) missing Captain Knoxville.

The incident could have been fatal, but Knoxville got right back on the rocket and was thrust dozens of feet into the air, flopping back towards a lake and hitting at quite the rate of knots as his Jackass teammates cringed and then cheered.

Knoxville has often used Jackass as a means to defy death, and this was one of his most life-threatening moments.

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