10 Best Jackass Number Two Moments

5. Firehose Rodeo

A stunt that went so well they only had to do it once…

Dave England’s bad times on the end of a flailing firehose was supposed to be the first in an entire segment of the film in which the whole cast would take turns, but England held on for so long (and hurt his buttocks so badly) that the crew cut it short, Knoxville stating “it’s not going to get better than that”.

There’s something fascinating about seeing a man being thrown around by what is effectively a jet-fuelled tentacle as if an extra in an alien invasion film; especially when you know that he’s doing it for real and there’s no CGI involved.

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4. Wee Man and Preston Bungee Jump

The big guy versus little guy dynamic is one of Jackass’ longest running skits, Wee Man and Preston Lacy often putting their considerable size differences to the test in a number of science experiments, this particular one involving gravity.

Here, Wee Man and Preston are attached to one another by bungie chord. Wee Man jumps from the Miami Beach bridge first, Preston holding his body weight enough to spring him back up again. As Wee Man begins his ascension, Preston falls directly into the water, the bungie rope yanking Wee Man back down again in comically quick fashion.

It’s one of the most simple but effective visual gags in the whole movie; a short and sweet bit of levity to break up the more elaborate stunts.

3. Beehive Limo

The stunt was simple… drive Wee Man, Dave England, Ryan Dunn and Steve-O in a limo to a “photo shoot”, then dump a box of bees into the limo via its sun roof and lock the car doors. Let them suffer for a while, then greet them into the parking lot with a bucket of marbles for them to slip on.

It went about as swimmingly as it could have, England and Dunn showing a particularly satisfying level of panic and aggression as they fought for freedom from the bees; Wee Man, Steve-O and the unfortunate camera operator hiding out in the opposite side of the limousine until being set free. Together, they all shared bee stings and bruises, Dave going so far as to strip down to his underwear in the hot Californian sun.

It’s a prank-turned-stunt that played out perfectly, providing Jackass Number Two with yet another moment that couldn’t have turned out any better.

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