10 Best Jackass Number Two Moments

2. Wee Man Electric Chair

For all that Jackass is about showing you feats of stupidity that you’ve never seen before, one of the things that leaves such a lasting impression about both the television series and the film franchise is the comradery between each of the cast members. Arguably, this has never been quite so clear as in the Electric Chair skit from Jackass Number Two.

The crew invite Wee Man onto set under the impression that they’re going to have a champion card thrower throw some cards into his ass crack. Wee Man, bare ass and all, sits on a stool rigged to give small electric shocks at the press of a button. As the card thrower throws, Wee Man is electrocuted. This goes on for a few turns, Wee Man growing more and more uncomfortable, until finally he says ‘there’s a machine in here’, seemingly exposing the prank and ending the bit. Only he follows that up with ‘there’s a card throwing machine in here’, sending the cast and crew into hysterics as he gloriously misses the point.

It’s a moment of pure ecstasy that clearly brought a lot of levity to a tightly knit crew in an intimate environment, and a moment of pure joy even the most hardened of anti-Jackass people would struggle not to smile at; a quintessential Jackass moment indicative of all that made the group so popular.

1. Toro Totter

Johnny, Bam, Ryan and Chris sit on a four-way teeter-totter in the middle of a bull ring. A bull is then released and the four cast members have to jump their way to safety or face dire consequences, the catch being that every time they jump, the guy opposite them has to hit the floor; like a deadly game of The Floor is Lava.

As the bull charges around, clearly enraged, thrash metal blares and tensions rise. Ryan Dunn is the first to be unseated…

As Ryan runs for safety, the bull thrashes him into the metal barrier and panic ensues. Narrowly avoiding being gored, he leaves, and Bam (who was seated opposite him on the teeter-totter) quickly follows. Chris Pontius is then struck in the leg and quickly abandons Johnny Knoxville, leaving “Captain Knoxville” on the ground and at the behest of the bull. Several brutal charges later (including the one pictured above), Knoxville escapes with his life… just.

It’s one of those mad concoctions you could only imagine being in live action in a Jackass movie; a signal of how Jackass really does offer something unique (albeit not for everyone). This stunt, with real, tangible threat, and Knoxville trying his hardest to keep it funny, speaks of the cast’s commitment to their craft and all that makes their work so unique. The Toro Totter skit is the very best moment from Jackass Number Two.

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