10 Best Jackass 3 Moments

Arriving on the big screen 4 years after Jackass Number Two and 10 years after the debut of the MTV show, Jackass 3 (original title: Jackass 3D) was as packed with stupidity, toilet humour, boisterous comradery, and pranks, as Jackass had become known for, only this time it was sporting the biggest budget in Jackass history: $20million.

Putting its money to good use in a number of skits designed to show off the crew’s never-ending bucket lists of disgusting and painful activities, Jackass 3 seemingly caught the imagination of the film-going public too, earning a tasty $171.7million at the global box office; all the while showing in full 3D-vision Johnny Knoxville having one of his teeth knocked out by a flying dildo.

In this Movie List from The Film Magazine, we’re looking at the best and worst of Jackass 3 to compare The Rocky to the Sweatsuit Cocktail, and the Bungee Portaloo to the Lamborghini Tooth Pull, for this: the 10 Best Jackass 3 Moments.

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10. Apple of My Ass

This is a very simple stunt: a pig named Bob eats an apple from the ass of Jackass’ biggest and sweatiest cast member, politely shoving its ginormous snout between Preston Lacy’s sizeable butt cheeks as it does.

It’s one of those Jackass moments that is something you’ve never seen before or since; a unique insight into the absurdity of human kind; a clip that if discovered in 5,000 years after the downfall of civilisation will probably represent our collective stupidity and voyeuristic attitude to discomfort more than we’d like to admit.

9. The Rocky

In one of the running jokes of Jackass 3, Bam Margera runs up behind unsuspecting victims, throws water into their faces with his left hand and then punches them in the opposite cheek whilst sporting a comically-sized boxing glove.

The use of the all-too-famous Rocky music, and the choice to present these small skits in slow motion, really help to bring focus to the brutality of any one blow, but it’s the idea itself that makes this skit so memorable; it being another comedic insight into the ongoing comradery between Jackass cast members even when they think that the cameras are no longer rolling (this being like a more brutal version of the phantom razor from Jackass: The Movie).

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