10 Best Jackass 3 Moments

2. High Five

Simple but effective.

Attaching a large hand to a rotator spring and letting it rip into the faces of unsuspecting Jackass cast members, Johnny Knoxville found his ultimate victim in Bam Margera. When Bam was smacked into the ground by the comically-sized hand, the former ‘Viva La Bam’ host took the fall directly onto his back in what looked like something from a scripted comedy film. It seemed like the perfect punchline to a bit that hadn’t quite hit perfectly when tried on the rest of the crew.

The High Five prank is one of the bits from all of Jackass history that people remember, a perfect example of how silly and brutal the cast can be; absurdist humour with a down to earth bang that only Jackass can offer.

1. Steve-O’s Bungee Portaloo

Of all the stunts in Jackass that have come and gone over the years, few can compare to the monstrosity that was the Bungee Portaloo. Poor Steve-O…

Attaching a shit-filled portaloo to one of those theme park-sized bungee “rides”, attaching a human man to its inside and watching as he is thrust into the air then brought back down to earth with shit flying around his enclosed space, is one of those unique experiences you can only get with Jackass. Throw in Steve-O throwing up, some much-needed slow-mo replays and shots of the wider crew being doused with human waste on the ground, and you’ve got a genuinely unforgettable moment in Jackass history; the best moment in Jackass 3 by far.

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