10 Best Jackass 3 Moments

5. Jet Engine Hijinks

As the strings of “Rise of the Valkyries” begin to rise, a shot of a wigged Ryan Dunn sitting in what seems like a sparse living room appears, and so does evidence of a gust bellowing his way. It’s suddenly revealed that he is sitting in the drift of a stationary airplane; one that somewhat inevitably forces him out of his seat and onto the grassland behind him.

As he crumbles backwards, finds a lost shoe and proceeds to walk and dive into the oncoming jets of air, the Jackass crew cringe and then laugh at his misfortune, and then proceed to evolve the skit into a game of “what can we throw into this airplane’s jet path?” until eventually Loomis Fall breaks his shoulder trying to use an umbrella as a parachute.

This was another moment in this particular Jackass film that illustrated the cast’s heightened status and how they earned the film a much higher budget ($20million compared to $11million for Jackass Number Two and $5million for Jackass: The Movie), whilst also being very in keeping with their usual, painful shenanigans.

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4. Really Bad Grandpa

Three years before the release of the Jackass spin-off film Bad Grandpa, Johnny Knoxville sported his character Irving Zisman’s unique look, walked out into public, and got handsy with an actress pretending to be his underage granddaughter.

After minutes of kissing, Knoxville asks an unsuspecting citizen to take a photograph of him and his granddaughter, something that the stranger politely accepts even despite Knoxville pushing boundaries as regards racial prejudice (in character of course). Eventually, the innocent man refuses to take a photograph because of the Dirty Grandpa’s behaviour and the skit closes with Dirty Grandpa’s wife lambasting him for being inappropriate.

It’s one of the most effective Dirty Grandpa skits in the two Jackass movies the character appears in, and the obvious springboard for the movie to come; an important Johnny Knoxville moment in a film absent of the usual death-defying stunts he’d anchor Jackass: The Movie and Jackass Number Two with.

3. Sweatsuit Cocktail

There are funny pranks, gross-out bits, and all-out painful stunts in Jackass, and Sweatsuit Cocktail is all three, only it’s not so much the Jackass boys that are being pranked or subjected to pain… it’s us.

The Jackass with the most-ass, Preston Lacy, boards an exercise bike wrapped in cellophane. He then exercises to the point that he sweats profusely down a funnel and into a cup. Not satisfied, Steve-O, his apparent victim, collects beads of sweat from Preston’s chin and undercarriage, downing the resulting juice from a plastic cup.

Steve-O of course throws up, as does Jackass camera operator and all-round puke-machine Lance Bangs, and yet it seems nobody can feel more gross than us. It’s like the Jackass boys finally got us to feel how Lance must have felt all these years…

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