10 Best Jackass 3 Moments

8. Watch My Dog

In one of the best prank show-inspired comedy bits of the whole Jackass film franchise, Preston Lacy leaves a dog with an unsuspecting member of the public whilst he shops in a store. A dwarf then walks out of the store, dressed in the same outfit and sporting the same sunglasses, to take the dog as if he is the same person (only smaller).

Seeing the kind bystander grow in his confusion as the dwarf walks away with the dog is a hilarious punchline to the joke; one that encourages you to put yourself in his position. Would you notice? Would you confront him? These are questions that make this prank stick with you, and ultimately reinforce just how funny this moment is.

7. The Margera Family’s Gorilla Run-In

One memorable story from across the original trilogy of Jackass films was that Bam Margera was always looking terrorise his parents. In this skit, he puts Mom and Dad (April and Phil Margera) up in a fancy hotel suite, dresses fellow jackass Chris Pontius in a gorilla suit, then has Pontius terrorise the poor couple, smashing up their rented accommodation.

Pontius is somewhat convincing, and though April and Phil doubt his legitimacy at points, they each react quite hilariously nonetheless, Phil rushing to the bathroom to (in his words) “take a shit”, because when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

Adding some extra spice to proceedings by having a “trainer” appear to lose control of the “animal” – the Jackass crew seemingly aware of the likelihood the Margeras wouldn’t believe Bam’s prank – there is just enough doubt in April’s mind to make for another moment of hilarious Jackass fun; some that would prove to be the end of Bam’s on-screen terrorising of his poor (but always willing) parents following his enforced absence from Jackass Forever.

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6. Lamborghini Tooth Pull

Sat on a dentist’s chair in the middle of an airport runway, tooth attached to a Lamborghini by a piece of string courtesy of “dentist” Chris Pontius and “nurse” Ryan Dunn, “Danger” Ehren McGhehey would sit as Bam Margera accelerated his expensive (and fast) car away at a rate of knots, eventually yanking the tooth from Ehren’s head.

The incident would impact Ehren’s skull so brutally that the Jackass cast member would be diagnosed with a broken face; an injury that caused so much physical trauma that he was reportedly close to going blind in his right eye.

It was a stunt that was stupid and dangerous, but played for laughs by all involved, as is the Jackass way, but the involvement of Lamborghini painted the picture of a cast that was succeeding in getting to the top through jackassery alone, a welcome sight to those who’d followed them over the previous ten years.

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