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Two years removed from the nightmare of lockdowns and endless zoom quizzes, the film industry continues to suffer the repercussions of global shutdowns, with cinema chains and film festivals being forced to close and the box office still limping. Only three films crossed the $1billion mark in 2022, just one third of the amount that crossed that mark in 2019 and the lowest of any non-pandemic year since 2014, and yet to many it feels like there has been a blockbuster renaissance of sorts, some of the year’s best films being studio-backed spectacles.

In 2022, our team and a number of established contributors have reviewed more than 110 films in total, covering everything from the most lucrative blockbusters to the year’s best horrors and biggest awards bait, rating more than a dozen of them as our equivalent of five stars. At The Film Magazine we score each and every movie out of 24, as film was originally projected at 24 frames per second; the idea is for our scores to represent how many frames, on average, are worth viewing. Our equivalent of five stars is therefore 21 out of 24 and above, and we list each of these in our Hall of Fame. The very best of those Hall of Fame films, rated 22 out of 24 and above, have made this list of the 10 Highest-Scoring Films 2022.

If you’re interested in revisiting which films were most highly thought of in previous years, please take a look at our lists from 2021 and 2020. In this year’s edition, we’ll be presenting each film in order of score and then organising them in alphabetical order.

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1. Bodies Bodies Bodies – 22/24

“If you’re looking to poke fun at the kids or experience some top-notch ironic Twitter discourse, then this is a film that won’t disappoint. Although its horror elements do err on the side of caution, the comedy will leave you satisfied if the jump scares and blood-covered cast do not.” – Morgan Barr

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

2. Everything Everywhere All at Once – 22/24

Everything Everywhere All at Once cements Daniels as one of the filmmaking partnerships to watch, the directorial duo equally imaginative, technically accomplished and emotionally dialled in to what makes us humans tick.” – Sam Sewell-Peterson

Everything Everywhere All at Once Review

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