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3. Long Live My Happy Head – 22/24

It might sound like a heavy watch but it’s also warm and funny and strangely positive in a very pragmatic, bittersweet sort of way, capped off by Gordon’s arrival at acceptance of his present situation: “I’m happy but sadness is there. Perhaps in equal measure”.” – Sam Sewell-Peterson

Long Live My Happy Head Review

4. Nope – 22/24

Nope might not punch you in the stomach like Get Out or slap you in the face like Us, but it creeps up on you and has a power all its own. It’s certainly a grower, and promises to reveal much more on each rewatch.” – Sam Sewell-Peterson

Nope Review

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5. One Fine Morning – 22/24

One Fine Morning depicts a bittersweet transitional period in a woman’s life, and finding love when you least expect it. While the film is undoubtedly sad, it has an air of life-affirming hopefulness, that with endings come new beginnings.” – Gala Woolley

One Fine Morning Review

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