11 Mutants the MCU Should Introduce

9. Alison Blaire | Dazzler

Dazzler is quite literally a cross-promotional tool designed by a committee.

Created for the alliance of Casablanca Records and Marvel comics, she was designed to sell music and comics to tween girls. With the power to turn sound into light at various levels of intensity, she’s basically Hannah Montana but with more knocking heads together. Introducing her into the MCU might be fun purely because it’s a world in which superheroes are celebrities.

As Kevin Feige expands his money-making empire, getting some music buzz simply makes sense. A duet between Dazzler and Megan Thee Stallion? It’s not impossible to imagine. And, if they get the right person to play her, she could be a cross-promotional dream.

Who should play them? Olivia Rodrigo.

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10. Philippa Sontag | Arclight

Arclight was one of the many mutants given a short shrift in the frankly poor X-Men: The Last Stand, but her potential has yet to be fully explored.

A former military officer and later assassin that often finds herself on the bad side of the X-Men thanks to her membership to Mister Sinister’s (see below) Marauders, Arclight has all the usual powers of strength, stamina and injury resistance, but with the added ability to create shock waves and seismic tremors.

One of the interesting things in the comics is that despite dying many times, Sinister resurrects her via cloning. Her becoming a recurring villain across film and television, each time becoming less human, could be an interesting avenue to explore.

Who should play them? Elizabeth Faith Ludlow.

11. Nathaniel Essex | Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister is one of those Big Bads that could rival Thanos or Kang for giving the Avengers and X-Men a headache.

Nathaniel Essex is a Victorian-era scientist obsessed with creating perfect humans, and he encounters the mutant Apocalypse who imbues him with powers including the ability to not age. Looking like a reject from Slipknot, he continues to try and build his power, and takes a keen interest in Jean Grey and Cyclops.

Sinister is also a guy who prefers to have teams do his bidding for him, like the Marauders. He’s the sort of slow-burning manipulator that could be the crossover villain of phases 7-10, culminating in a great big showdown.

There were rumblings back in the Fox days that Jon Hamm would be joining the then-New Mutants trilogy in the role, but that never happened. Still, now that Marvel is toying with horror and Feige is known to like pleasing fans with their dream casting, Hamm could make a comeback.

Who should play them? Jon Hamm (obviously).

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