11 Mutants the MCU Should Introduce

They’re finally here. After much speculation and anticipation, we have our first true mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve seen alternate universes with the likes Charles Xavier, and the reveal that Kamala Kahn holds mutant DNA, but Ryan Coogler’s latest instalment in Marvel’s mega franchise – Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverintroduces us to Namor.

Tenoch Huerta’s Namor is the antagonist of the 2nd Black Panther movie, threatening war with Wakanda. Over the course of the film we learn that he is a mutant. Ever since Disney’s acquisition of X-Men rights holders 20th Century Fox, it has seemed inevitable that mutants would arrive into the MCU at some point. With a proposed mutant-centric film in the works, along with Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds as X-Men franchisee Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, within the MCU continuity, there’s going to be even more speculation on who will also join the universe.

It is almost inevitable that the clawed badass Wolverine will be present in the MCU moving forward even if Hugh Jackman doesn’t stay on in the role. It’s also a given that Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto will come into the fold. As such, we won’t be speculating on them. Instead, in this Movie List from The Film Magazine, we will be offering up some different mutants to see in the MCU moving forward, some familiar and some new to movie audiences, for this: the 11 Mutants the MCU Should Introduce.

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1. Kitty Pryde | Shadowcat

Despite being an enduringly popular comic book staple since “X-Men” legend Chris Claremont created her, Katherine “Kitty” Pryde has yet to get her due on screen.

Despite two appearances in the original Fox film franchise, with Elliot Page filling the role, she was always relegated to a secondary character, adept at running through walls and sending Wolverine back in time.

The reality is, her ability to phase through matter is visually striking and opens up fun action, and her history as a Jewish-American offers ample opportunity to explore persecution and prejudice, something that has been key to the X-Men from the start.

She also has an inter-dimensional pet dragon called Lockheed, and has at times joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, so her potential to become a key member of the universe is all there to be used. It helps (given that Marvel has been taking steps to offer better representation) that Kitty is a bisexual character.

Who should play them? Jane Levy.

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2. Akihiro | Daken

Daken is the mutant son of Wolverine and a certified badass in his own right. He has all the same abilities as his old man, only with added pheromone manipulation.

Like most of the MCU, he has a history of daddy issues which makes him ripe for exploration. Daken blames Wolverine for the death of his mother, Itsu, and how his not being present in young Daken’s life meant it was filled with hardship. This sort of tasty drama could make him the natural successor to Loki’s conflicted baddie role.

Given the popularity of Logan, and the slim chances of Hugh Jackman doing another long-term stint as Wolverine post-Deadpool 3, it might be worth Daken and X-23 going head to head over their father’s mantle.

Daken has also taken a more heroic role over time, offering a long term story arc of redemption for whomever takes on the role, something the MCU has also proven fond of.

Who should play them? Honour Jackman’s legacy by casting an unknown, preferably someone with a history of martial arts.

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