11 Mutants the MCU Should Introduce

3. Lorna Dane | Polaris

The history of Kevin Feige trying to get mutants into the MCU is long and messy. The fact that Fox had the rights for so long meant that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s origins went from the children of Magneto to experiments caused by the mind stone.

With the movie version of Wanda so far removed from Magneto and his kingdom of Genosha, introducing his other daughter Polaris might make more sense.

Like her dad, Polaris has the ability to bend magnetism to her will, but is noted for her long-standing struggles with mental health, especially when she becomes possessed by the entity Malice. Having Polaris as a means to explore mental illness and the struggle between the dark and the light might offer another facet of the outsider to represent.

Who should play them? Emmy Rossum.

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4. Jubilation Lee | Jubilee

Given the critical and commercial success of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the introduction of mall-rat Jubilee could be done in a Shang-Chi adventure.

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Jubilee’s life of wealth is brought down when her parents are murdered – their mistake for being parents in a comic book. Couple this with her ability to project pyrotechnic blasts from her hands, and her penchant for wearing a snazzy yellow coat, and you have a recipe for a compelling hero.

Jubilee became a fan favourite thanks to her major role in the now legendary ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’, where she often served as a foil to Wolverine, but her sharp wit could see her fit in with any number of heroes.

After her lacklustre introduction in X-Men: Apocalypse, it might be time for the movies to honour the character the way the cartoons did.

Who should play them? Lana Candor again. She was done pretty dirty by Apocalypse, and since few people actually remember that film, it couldn’t hurt. Besides, Feige has brought other people back.

5. Megan Gwynn | Pixie

Megan Gwynn, the mutant pixie dream girl, is one of those characters that offers ample opportunity to use in various capacities.

We saw a mighty green minotaur roaming the halls of Kamar-Taj in Multiverse of Madness, and ‘She-Hulk’ had mischievous magical goings on, so introducing a pink haired, pointed eared, winged pixie-girl with magic dust that induces hallucinations could fit seamlessly into the ever-expanding world. Her sunny disposition also makes her that winning mix for an ensemble.

Who should play them? Perdita Weeks.

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