11 Mutants the MCU Should Introduce

6. John Proudstar | Thunderbird

As Marvel makes ever-expanding attempts to represent all people in their heroes, we have Echo’s eponymous series set to address the lack of Native American characters in their universe. Both John Proudstar, and his brother James, would make fine additions too.

Coming from the Apache Nation, John’s power set of super senses, strength, speed and stamina, might play into stereotypes of the stoic Native man, but smart writing and people being conscious of this might imbue him with more relevance and carve a new way of showing Native people on the big screen.

Given how popular Prey was, and the criticism towards The New Mutants’ racist treatment of Dani, this could be a chance to rectify this.

Who should play them? Martin Sensmeier.

7. Neal Shaara | Thunderbird

Neal Sharra is another hero to have the moniker of Thunderbird, though the two are unrelated.

Gaining his nickname thanks to his ability to create superheated plasma, coupled with speed and durability, he was originally named after Agni, the Hindu god of fire.

Shaara offers a chance to explore the South Asian experience, something touched upon in ‘Ms Marvel’ and through Kingo in Eternals. Given that Marvel was afraid to explore things like the partition, Shaara’s backstory could easily incorporate that too. 

Who should play them? Rahul Kohli.

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8. Lucas Bishop

Lucas Bishop, much like Jubilee, holds a special place in the hearts of many X-Men fans thanks to his time in ‘The Animated Series’.

While Omar Sy did valiant work with minimal screen time in Days of Future Past, Bishop has the potential to open up all kinds of stories.

Lucas Bishop comes from a dystopian future which could easily play into all the multiverse trouble that seems to be at the centre of the MCU’s overarching narrative as of late. In his future, the X-Men are nothing but legends, something that could always be changed to accommodate The Avengers at large and see Bishop coming back in time to stop something truly nasty.

He also comes with the often handy ability to absorb energy and redirect it, which can look really cool in fight scenes.

Who should play them? Colman Domingo.

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