11 Movies To Watch This Valentine’s Day

With St. Valentine’s Day looming, the usual topic of discussion is: what will we watch (or not watch, as most would hope to be the case) to celebrate our love for one another? Well, luckily for you, any debates regarding the choice of movie has already been had… by us!

Instead of enjoying our Valentine’s week, we’ve ranted and raved about the top 11 (there were too many to whittle down to only 10) choices for the happy couples among us. So, come with us on this journey of enjoyment and discovery (no innuendo intended) as we suggest 11 films from 11 different categories to give you the February 14th you and your partner have truly been hoping for.

11. If You Like Your Love Independent – Before Sunrise (1995)

before trilogy

Witnessing the youthful French woman and American man at the centre of this dialogue-led film develop feelings for one another as the night progresses is bound to bring feelings of warmth to otherwise cold hearts, and if you need to be reminded of how important love can be then watching the trilogy (that follows the couple from their 20s to their 40s) could catch you at any point in your life, and your relationship, to remind you of just how lovely life can be.

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10. If You Like Your Love in the 80s – Dirty Dancing (1987)

Dirty Dancing (1)

Filled with a romance so unlikely because of how different Baby and Johnny are, Dirty Dancing explores the hardship of continuing a forbidden romance and the consequences it has on the particpants’ lives, all the while showing that love and stubbornness can break society’s rules and allow their relationship to blossom.

While a number of John Hughes’ 80s teen romances, not least Sixteen Candles and Some Kind of Wonderful, could be equally as suitable Valentine’s Day viewing, Dirty Dancing is our suggestion because of the dance moves we’re convinced will inspire all sorts of adventurous things between you and your partner. Besides, it’s got a kick-ass soundtrack and; who doesn’t love Patrick Swayze bellowing out his sweet melody?

9. If You Like Your Love Stories Drawn With Heart – Up (2009)


This film beautifully captures the true essence of romance without the use of any dialogue whatsoever in its beautiful but heart-breaking opening montage of a lifelong relationship between protagonist Carl and his since passed wife Ellie. It’s hard not to well-up.

Although Beauty and the Beast certainly has its own place in many a couples’ watchlist, Up is certifiably the most adult and mature animated offering of romance in mainstream western animation and an absolute classic of the genre.

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