10 Terrible Romantic Comedies

2. Heaven is Waiting (2011)

Heaven is Waiting follows a widowed father whose daughter is falling in love with a guy she met at college. The father is super skeptical (for good reason, the actor looks almost as old as dad), and aggressively shows his distaste for this person he doesn’t know while conversing with his dead wife to calm down. The father is also maybe trying to date, but the story is mostly about hating a man who would dare date his daughter.

Will he calm down and recognize her autonomy?

The patriarchy pastoral paired with the upper-middle class American lifestyle gives insight to the anxieties that occupy the mind of the film’s target audience.

1. Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale (2007)

(Alternately titled Belle and the Beast, and Belle and the Beast: A Christian Romance)

This movie is more like a high school play than a movie for adults.

The hammy performances, poor audio quality, and hilariously mundane business discussion would have been bad enough, but the Beast is horribly abusive and Belle has to stubbornly fix him with the power of God.

There is very little romance or chemistry between the two characters, and it seems as much like a horror film as a romance at times.

Belle and the Beast is The Room of Christian cinema, and that’s saying something.

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