10 Terrible Romantic Comedies

8. Accidentally Engaged (2016)

The “Golden Age” of Studio Era Hollywood lives on in these Hallmarkian rom-coms. They’re harmless and a fun time, but the “by the numbers” structure and chaste script leave much to be desired.

Accidentally Engaged’s scandalous premise of an actor caught with a married woman who pretends to be engaged to another young actress is overshadowed by its bland filmmaking style and general unsexiness. It’s the film equivalent of a homemaker magazine accidentally printing a tabloid page.

It’s also fun to hear about how great the characters are as actors when the film hardly offers opportunity for range from its own actors.

7. 50 First Dates (2004)

The only thing weirder than touching a person’s food the first time you meet them is continuing to do it over and over after discovering they can’t form short-term memories, yet that’s the meet-cute in 50 First Dates.

Absurd animal humor and eyeroll-inducing slapstick feels out of place in this film’s saccharine, rather creepy love story set in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

The only thing 50 First Dates has going for it is Drew Barrymore’s believable performance as an amnesiac who is into Adam Sandler.

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6. Cup of Love (2016)

Was Cup of Love‘s working title “Corporate Assimilation: The Movie”?

It’s the story of a white American lady flying to Columbia to buy out a local coffee plantation so she can have a great story about her massive coffee company’s beans and her own lab – which shouldn’t be her job because she’s a brilliant food scientist and not a marketer. Along the way, she shows the plantation owner that she truly appreciates his beans – which isn’t an innuendo, she is an earnest fan of coffee bean production. They also fall in love while his crazy ex-fiancée is hanging around trying to murder the protagonist.

It’s cappucci-no good.

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