“Cinema’s Most Romantic Moments” – The Film Magazine Podcast

The team at The Film Magazine have come together to offer a limited series of audio essays on cinema’s most romantic moments, with 7 team members in total contributing heartfelt and at times personal insights into the magic of the great romances of the past century or so.

In this eclectic mix of romantic moments, episodes vary from a classic like A Matter of Life and Death as chosen by Katie Doyle, to the most lucrative box office smash of all time, Avengers: Endgame as chosen by Beth Sawdon.

In this mini-series from The Film Magazine and available via PodBean, you can listen to episodes on the following films from the following writers (and in this case speakers). Please click the episode of choice to listen to each individual episode:

A written accompaniment of Joseph Wade’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind essay is available here, while The Film Magazine also hosts reviews of Avengers: EndgameThe Full Monty and A Matter of Life and Death.

In this series produced by The Film Magazine, each episode was written and read by the individual authors, each of whom were given the freedom to approach the subject as they saw fit. Experienced in the world of online publishing, each member of this series also boasts an impressive academic background.

Each of the 7 hosts can be found on Twitter in the following places:

For more on each of the subject matters available in this series, check out our ranking of every MCU movie (including Avengers: Endgame) in our MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe Ranked article and our Where to Start with David Lynch piece.

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