10 Terrible Romantic Comedies

5. From Justin to Kelly (2003)

From Justin to Kelly is a grand artefact of 2000s culture through its “trendy” outfits at the homogenous hedonist beaches, the lame appeals to feminism which disregard the film’s bizarre image of heteronormative romance, and the fact that it exists due to horizontal integration in the American singing contest industry.

‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini were contractually obligated to star in this truly terrible musical. Their voices are amazing, but their performances could use some work – and it doesn’t help that the plot is about forcing these two characters together.

Anyone who loves pop music from around 2003 might unironically like a couple of the songs, but the best thing about From Justin to Kelly is how it feels like the result of corporate America trying to make hip stuff the teens will love.

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4. Home Sweet Home (2020)

One of the weirdest conceits of Christian film is that non-believers are unable to comprehend what it’s like to be a Christian.

Home Sweet Home follows a woman who pretends to be Christian in order to date a hot home-building minister, but she just can’t seem to get acting holy right.

Can she transform from high-heel-wearing Jezebel to someone who tricks their friends into attending religious conversion ceremonies under the guise of a concert? Find out in this movie about attributing the labor and kindness of real people to a ghost!

3. How to Train Your Husband (2018)

When the protagonist’s husband goes on a European vacation by himself, she learns the secret to a happy marriage is to treat her husband like a puppy. Also, she is a licensed therapist who saw no problem with that advice.

Every decision made by these characters is baffling – not that people ought to be completely rational machines, but characters should at least be able to do normal things like texting their spouse.

It’s hard to root for her when her relationship seems so obviously doomed, and she hardly gets any time with the man she supposedly loves.

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