Top 5 Moments from ‘The Dark Crystal’ (1982)

As every avid reader of this website or my work will know, in my last piece I was all excited about the newly announced ‘Dark Crystal’ prequel trailer and had hoped it would herald a resurgence in 80s style filmmaking. I must say, I got a lovely and positive response from you guys!

Knowing how much of a beloved cult this movie is, I thought I’d indulge in some discussion on the moments that make The Dark Crystal a classic.

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5. Mmmmmm Watcha Say

The first 10 minutes of The Dark Crystal features some pretty intense exposition to get everyone on board with what the movie’s wacky world is all about. Upon first viewing, I felt pretty cautious at this point as there hadn’t been any proper character reveals yet, but then BLAM! They hit us with some sweet-ass Mystique humming, harmonising. I was instantly hooked from this moment. Why do the Mystique’s do this? Communicaiton? Prayer? I don’t know but it sounds pretty cool, and you’re guaranteed to try it out for yourself with your mates a few times after watching.

4. Crazy Witch Lady

There are some characters in cinema that charm the socks off audiences and find a place in the hearts of cinephiles forever. Augrha – The Dark Crystal’s one-eyed, foul-mouthed troll witch creature – is such a beloved individual. She is the most quotable character in the film, and one of the coolest, giving children a good thrill in her first appearance by popping out her single eye to get a good look at Jen before dismissing him with a good “Bouji Bouji Bouji”. She is the woman who has got the gear and knows the business, and is eternally bored of all these ignorant noobs with whom the fate of the world rests with. In the face of an eternity of misery, she remains composed and seemingly not arsed.

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