Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle

Staff Writer

I’m a massive nerd for movies and especially sci-fi, as I enjoy a good existential crisis when leaving the cinema. I have a great adoration for the classics as I’m a bit pretentious (silent and black & white for the win).

It started as my general wonderment as a child, enthralled by the imaginations of Disney and Bluth which morphed into self-expression as a teen, helping me create my own brand of cool with the Cornetto Trilogy and Miyazaki. Cinema has proved essential to my continuous development as an adult, deepening my empathy, helping me to articulate my rage against modern day injustices, and giving me understanding of the tragedies of the past. Most importantly, cinema gives myself and millions around the world joy. Not only does it help us to try and change the world around us, but it soothes us when weary from carrying the weight of the world.

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