Emma Stone Officially World’s Highest-Paid Actress

La La Land star Emma Stone has been listed by Forbes as the world’s highest-paid actress, taking over from The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence who topped the list for the past two years, 2016 and 2015.

Emma Stone Richest Actress
Emma Stone accepting her Oscar for Best Actress at the 89th Academy Awards. Credit: Oscars/ABC

The 28-year-old star of hits such as Easy A, The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man reportedly collected $28million over the past 12 months, an amount which was in no small part due to the box office success of La La Land in which she co-starred alongside Ryan Gosling and was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress at the 89th Academy Awards.

The top 10 highest-paid female actors acquired $172.5million between June 1st 2016 and June 1st 2017, with the final list looking like this:

1. Emma Stone – $28million
2. Jennifer Aniston – $25.5million
3. Jennifer Lawrence –  $24million
4. Melissa McCarthy – $18million
5. Mila Kunis – $15.5million
6. Emma Watson – $14million
– Charlize Theron – $14million
8. Cate Blanchett – $12million
– Julia Roberts – $12million
10. Amy Adams – $11.5million

Emma Watson (Harry PotterThe Fault In Our Stars) was the only newcomer to this year’s list, with the $1billion-plus Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast reportedly playing a large part in that fact, the film having been released in early 2017 (at around the half-way point of the criteria).

Overall, the cumulative total of the top 10 female earners is down 16% from 2016’s total of $200million, signifying that despite there being more prominent movements for equal pay and more prominent roles for women in big budget films, there are still strides left to take before progression can be measured and eventually equality can be seen.

Stone’s position at the top of this prestigious list is, however, likely to increase her average pay demands and make her a top name among the women of Hollywood for the biggest projects around. Stone, like Lawrence, can expect to join other listees such as Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchett among the A-List of Hollywood’s next generation.

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