Joker Origins Movie Being Developed

The Batman Cinematic Universe may be given new life at studio Warner Bros and producers DC as The Hangover director Todd Phillips is reportedly developing a standalone cinematic origins story for legendary Batman antagonist The Joker.

Batman the killing joke joker movie
From “Batman: The Killing Joke”

The movie is set to be the first to be produced under a yet-to-be-named banner of Warner Bros that looks to tell one-off backstories for characters within the DC comic book universe, introducing and re-introducing characters in a format that is unrelated to the company’s ongoing DC Extended Universe, allowing filmmakers like Phillips more creative freedom as well as the opportunity to re-cast.

Current reports suggest that Suicide Squad’s Joker actor Jared Leto will not be chosen to portray the character in the film, with Todd Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver (8 Mile, The Fighter) preferring to tell the tale of a younger Joker, therefore setting their sights on a 1980s setting for what will reportedly be an adult crime-thriller. Perhaps the biggest influence on the genre in that decade, Martin Scorsese (The King of Comedy, The Color of Money), is reportedly on board to produce the project, his work acting as a blueprint for what Phillips and Silver will reportedly look to achieve.

Though details are sparse, director Todd Phillips is primarily known for his work in feature comedies on the likes of Due Date and the Starsky and Hutch remake starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and a comedic edge is therefore expected for whatever comes of this latest project.

The movie is currently in development, though a script is currently far from being completed. Thus, a release date has yet to be announced and it remains unclear as to where the film may fit into Warner Bros and DC’s schedule.

Source: Deadline

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