So Bad It’s Good: Romance in the Outfield: Double Play

They go back to the baseball field where they are doing cute couple stuff like flirting and tickle fighting. She has stolen his hat, which counts as a motif since Heather did it in the last movie. Playfully undressing is this film’s way of communicating chemistry, based on the hot tub scene. Tyler gets sad about Heather again, and Kenzie gives him more vague advice. This scene is basically a continuation of the conversation they just had in the church. Her big message is to just let God handle it or whatever. That’s how the screenplay was written, after all.

More indiscriminate beard growing time passes, and Tyler is back at the cemetery talking to Heather’s grave about Kenzie. If Heather’s spirit is present in some way, she’s got to be pissed that his laziness resulted in her death, and he now has the audacity to come and talk to her about his new flame! He’s begging to be haunted (which would incidentally create a spark of intrigue in this nonsensical movie). Also, was Heather saved when she died, or is she burning in hell for kissing multiple guys? Do the filmmakers think her soul can hear what he’s saying?

Cut to Tyler at the baseball field holding his shoulder to remind us that it’s injured. He walks up to Kenzie and says that he’s worried his baseball career is over – maybe stop batting every other scene if you’re so terribly injured?

She wonders if he’s realized that God’s doing it to him on purpose to show Tyler what’s important. Then Tyler speculates that what happened to Heather was to show him the pain he caused Kenzie.


It’s impossible to tell whether or not the filmmakers disagree with that statement, but it is a logical conclusion if this is all part of God’s plan. God killed Heather (or “allowed Heather to die” in an accident that he could have prevented and was only possible because he invented the laws of physics and biology) and injured Tyler in order to show him that marrying Kenzie is the right thing to do. Killing and injuring people to prove a point is literal villain behavior, and this is the moment where they should realize that the God in their universe is undoubtedly evil. Also, what a terrible way to coax someone into a relationship – “what if all the terrible stuff happening to you is because we aren’t dating?” Gross.

The film shows a dream sequence where Heather’s car wrecks so we know that Tyler remembers Heather. His trainer shakes him awake, and she wonders if maybe she’s working him too hard by having him come to the batting cages for a “visualization” exercise. Kenzie shows up because this is where Tyler is, and she brought him his lucky bat. She’s going to teach him how to bat, but not the same way Tyler taught Heather where the teacher gets up behind the batter. He stands off to the side while she makes up instructions to teach a professional baseball player how to hit. She asks if he still loves her, and the trainer comes back and says that Tyler loves her “jokingly”. 

We finally learn that that trainer’s name is Amanda, and Kenzie does not like it when Amanda rubs Tyler’s shoulder. Tyler says that she is his ticket back to the majors, and Kenzie doesn’t like that he’s going to leave her for baseball with the help of another woman. She doesn’t offer to help him at all, and she definitely doesn’t communicate her feelings beyond a shocked expression.

Who knows what Tiffany is up to because Tyler is over at Brandon’s house claiming to be cursed. He lists the bad things that have happened to him – including being too lazy to pick up his ex who died – and Brandon sarcastically quotes Kelly Clarkson, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller.” What a crappy thing to say to your friend who blames himself for the death of his ex. How can the movie expect me to take his struggles seriously when it itself cannot manage to? And does a girlfriend dying and another woman being desperately in love with you count as “bad luck with women”? They go off on a tangent about all the women Tyler has dated including Kami, Heather, and… well, no one else. Stop improvising dialogue and have actual meaningful things for characters to say!

The guys are now going to eat, and the time of day has drastically changed. Brandon suggests that they go drop Tiffany’s stuff off wherever she is even though Brandon already said he would do that in his last scene. The movie must have forgotten, but he’s being very insistent about talking to her again. Tyler gives Brandon his car to drive her there. He sees her talking to Chase, looks sad, and drives off to pick up Tyler at a grocery store only for them to drive back to Tiffany. Why was this all so convoluted?

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She tries to prevent Tyler from entering the house because she hates him right now for annoying her the last time they saw each other. They have to stumble through more improv before she comes around and permits him entry into the home neither of them own. Tyler says “McKenzie” again, and rambles at Tiffany before asking her about her plot in the movie while she eats pickles.

Tyler promises not to get upset (again) if she opens up about her relationship issues, and she starts telling him that she “fell in love with him for the wrong reasons”. Who is "him"? They were just discussing Chase, but she switched guys in the middle of the conversation. Tyler doesn’t care either way; he wanders off to let Brandon in the house and the audience can’t hear her anymore. Brandon has brought flowers, and walked into the kitchen just in time to hear Tiffany say that she’s not sure she loves “him” the same way “he” loves her. Brandon looks down and walks away, and Tyler runs back in with the flowers and no idea what his sister has been jabbering on about. He starts talking about his phone, gives her the flowers, and leaves after a two minute conversation that wasn’t even a conversation. 

Back in the car, Brandon is pouty and Tyler is trying to make him talk. Brandon starts going off about how Tyler’s life is perfect because he gets women, but Tyler reminds him how hard his life is because of movie plots about Heather and Kenzie. There’s tension as Tyler almost runs a red light, and then the scene is over.  

Tyler and Brandon are back at the other house, and Tyler reminds his friend of all the great things in life like an undefined career and the house they are standing in. Apparently Tyler has been staying with Brandon since his injury, yet he somehow he has no clue about his love life. Brandon wanders off, and Tyler has to answer the door. Tiffany has come to see Brandon, but he apparently left the house through an alternate exit seconds ago. She starts talking about Chase, and she’s unsure if he’s Christian material. Tyler asks if she’s dating Brandon, and she reminds him that he ignored her for her entire monologue earlier. She knows Tyler doesn’t want her dating his friends, so she changes the subject to Heather. Tyler avoids it entirely, and tells her that Kenzie is back in his life, even though he kind of mumbled that to her in the last scene. He calls her McKenzie again, and Tiffany suddenly recalls the woman her brother almost married that one time.

To make up for his last scene with Kenzie, Tyler takes her out to a restaurant with no other patrons like it’s a date on 'The Bachelor'. He wants to pretend that the past doesn’t exist, to go back to a simpler time before baseball and dead girlfriends. They stare at each other longingly, only to be interrupted by a waiter carrying soup. This kicks off a dinner/dancing montage that ends with the characters eating salad. At this point, it’s impressive that we’re seeing dates and not having them implied through establishing shots like in the first movie.

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Kenzie still believes in love, but also doesn’t know why she’s giving him a second chance. Does he know why? She wants him to love her more than baseball and Heather, and it’s incredible that they made it through this dinner without addressing those major obstacles to their relationship. Apparently Tyler and Heather also almost got married, and she got his first kiss, so Kenzie is totally jealous. She gets worked up because of what he did to her in the past, and storms off because his facial expression looked too in love with Heather somehow.

Back at the vacation house, Chase is wandering around looking for Tiffany so they can have a brief scene where he ends up straddling and trying to kiss her. She says they barely know each other, and the scene is over. Then Chelsie encourages Tyler to pursue her sister in an even shorter scene. What a waste of time.

Tyler comes home from softball coaching and heads into the kitchen where Brandon is eating. He spies the one photo of Brandon and Tiffany that has appeared in the movie, and Tyler demands an explanation. Brandon says that he loves and wants to marry Tiffany, and Tyler acts like this is brand new information for him even though his last two scenes with Tiffany involved her explaining this simple plot point to him. Tyler flies off the handle because “bros before hoes”, and he calls Brandon a traitor for daring to speak to Tiffany without his consent.

Then Tyler’s trainer comes to the door in the middle of this fight at Brandon’s house. She’s biting her thumb seductively, and then tells Tyler that he’s cleared to play. How? Who cleared him? Where is Agent Allan? Don’t worry about that. Tyler is so excited to play baseball that he takes Amanda upstairs to laugh exuberantly before someone else knocks on the door.

It’s Kenzie this time! She’s surprised to see him for some reason, but apparently Chelsie’s glove is at Brandon’s house and that’s her reason for being here. Not to see Tyler.

But why is the glove at his house? Why wouldn’t she just be coming here to talk to Tyler? They go upstairs - where Amanda is seated in the wide shot - and Kenzie starts spilling her guts, and redeclares her love for Tyler.

Isn’t she the one who is always leaving angrily?

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  • <cite class="fn">Glory Angela Grace Malbon</cite>

    This post is very biased whoever wrote this post is not a believer in God clearly and one thing that I’m pointing out is you know you’re trying to vilify God the thing is the Bible says that it rains on the just as well as the unjust and because a free will and the fact that we live in a fracture World bad things happen to good people all the time that does not mean that God wants them to happen he could literally snap his fingers and make the world do what he wants but he rather us choose him of our free will and unfortunately Free Will comes with a price Heather was in a physical body injured and she can no longer dwell her spirit could no longer live there God didn’t put Heather in the car he wasn’t behind the wheel examine it you know when people died in accident something like that maybe the reason why God allows people to pass away and that survived is because their physical body is incapable of letting them live an abundant life without pain without being disabled God doesn’t want us to live Loss or pain or suffering. God did not allow Heather 2 die to prove that Tyler was meant to be with Kenzie. Heather and Tyler found each other an experience real love they got in an accident and instead of God letting Tyler be alone the feeling of permanent loss he gave Tyler a second chance at love which many people don’t experience after they lose the love of their life

  • <cite class="fn">Mark S</cite>

    Clearly YOU are not a believer in punctuation!

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