5 Great Comedies from the Past 5 Years That You Should Watch To Keep You Going

4. Blockers (2018)

Is Blockers (once titled ‘Cock Blockers’), a film about three parents attempting to stop their children getting laid at prom, actually… somehow… a feminist masterpiece?

I guess more qualified people would be better at answering that question than me, but here are the facts…

Blockers is directed by a woman, focuses on three young women completely in control of their own sexualities, and features a strong message about the inherently sexist ways of the old (in this case 40-something parents) being completely outdated, no matter how “cool and hip” those “oldies” may be.

The parents, played by the ever-excellent Leslie Mann, the show-stealing Ike Barinholtz and the surprisingly fantastic (truly, nothing short of fantastic) John Cena, are given the oppositional comedy archetypes to play, and play them they do.

If ever there was a time to get on the John Cena for Hollywood hype train, it would be now with this movie. Plus, who doesn’t like a good, strong message filled with sex, gooch-shots and butt-chuggs?

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5. Booksmart (2019)

If Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird opened the door for high quality coming of age teen films to once again become a part of the cinematic landscape, then Booksmart blew that door off its hinges. Welcome back meaningful teen comedies, you’ve been missed.

Directed by Olivia Wilde of Tron: Legacy and (more recently) Richard Jewell fame, Booksmart does away with the dated tropes of the turn of the century classics that were remade and remade again towards the back end of the 2000s and rewrites what it means to be in your teens in the modern day – and it does so with such a ginormous (metaphorical) smile on its face that you won’t be able to stop smiling along with it.

Like Netflix series ‘Sex Education’, Booksmart isn’t afraid to get dirty with its language and its content, and unlike that particular series it won’t take you 2 days to watch the whole thing.

Lady Bird co-star Beanie Feldstein is tremendous as the girl with the high grades and sensible attitude who, for just one night, wants to leave behind all of her discipline for something extraordinary (she was so great she was nominated for a Golden Globe), while co-lead Kaitlyn Dever has a breakout moment as her slightly more shy best friend with a crush on the skater girl, proving herself to be one of the hottest prospects in Hollywood at the moment.

There’s something so warm and joyful about this film filled with the highs and lows of being a teenager, and though we may not get to see our best friends at the moment, Booksmart will remind you of how much love you hold for that person anyway, maybe even making you send them a soppy message about it. Go on, I dare ya!

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And there’s our list. Watch the films that take your fancy and remember to tell someone you care about that you care about them – heck, use this list as an excuse to message them about doing a watchalong!

If you’ve got any suggestions for movies to cheer us up right now, make sure to let us (and everyone else) know about them in the comments below – you might make someone’s day.

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