5 Great Comedies from the Past 5 Years That You Should Watch To Keep You Going

2020 was… a year.

The very best and very worst of humanity has been on show more loudly than ever as of late and there seems to be a never ending tide of bad news hitting the screens of our favourite devices, so it’s perhaps no surprise that people are turning to the trusty movie musical for a bit of escapism, have dived back into classic fantasy-adventures like Indiana Jones to feel a little excitement and have clicked the “comedy” section of their preferred streaming service more times than they’ve told themselves they’ll start their new fitness regime.

(Don’t be hard on yourselves, I’ve done the same. We’re in this together.)

With all of that in mind, and the apparent need for a good laugh during these hard times, we here at The Film Magazine have selected five truly fantastic comedy films from the past five years that are sure to take your mind off things and bring a smile to your face, if only for a few hours at a time.

Whether you watch these alone with a plate of donuts or gather friends for what I’ve been assured are “zoom parties” (I haven’t been invited… yet), these are five excellent, totally escapist comedies from the past five years that you have to see.

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1. The Nice Guys (2016)

Admittedly, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are far from the first Hollywood stars you think of when deciding which actors you might like to see in a comedy, but that’s all just part of the magic; a magic that screenwriter-director Shane Black borrowed from his debut directorial feature Kiss Kiss Bang Bang more than his hit and miss Iron Man movie Iron Man 3.

The plot is about a private investigator (Crowe), the straight man, who bullies another private investigator (Gosling), the joker, and then discovers he needs his help to solve a mystery filled with murder plots and all of your great buddy cop tropes.

Black, who famously makes movies that play with the tropes of the genres he’s writing and directing for, does so again here, but never loses touch of the truly gravitational aspects of the buddy cop movies that seem to have long been absent from our screens.

The physical comedy in this one is superb, and Gosling and Crowe have remarkable chemistry as the leading duo the intelligent and utterly hilarious script is centred upon.

The Nice Guys may have flown under the radar back in 2016, but now is truly the perfect time to catch up with it.

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