2022 Big Movie Preview

Off-Kilter Gems

In this section we’re highlighting the off-kilter, the darkly humourous and the much anticipated (but hard to categorise) works of arthouse filmmakers.

Everything Everywhere All at Once (rel. 24 March 2022) – DANIELS (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinart), the directorial duo behind Swiss Army Man (2016), return with Everything Everywhere All at Once, a film that looks about as strange and funny as their last effort, and features an all-star cast including Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (rel. 22 April 2022) – Nicolas Cage plays… Nicolas Cage… (yes himself) in this meta (and wholly original) movie from Tom Gormicon that sees a wealthy fan (Pedro Pascal) pay for Cage to recreate some of his most iconic movie moments.

Untitled Knives Out Sequel (rel. 2022) – Rian Johnson was paid a lot of money by Netflix to take sequels to his 2019 murder-mystery Knives Out over to streaming ($450million to be precise), and as good as the first film was, the second has just as stacked of a cast with Daniel Craig the only returning star and the rest of the line-up filled by the likes of Ethan Hawke, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson and Janelle Monae.

Some more to add to your watchlists (use Letterboxd, we do: /thefilmagazine):

+ Jackass Forever (rel. 4 February 2022) – After 12 long years, cinema’s most beloved team of jackasses are back for more painful, disgusting and (likely) shitty stunts.

+ Death on the Nile (rel. 11 February 2022) – Kenneth Branagh directs and stars in another Agatha Christie novel adaptation, which this time includes Gal Gadot, Annette Bening, Emma Mackey and Russell Brand amongst its cast.

+ Operation Fortune (rel. 18 March 2022) – Guy Ritchie attempts a spin-off of his late 2019 crime comedy The Gentlemen, this time attaching Jason Statham as a spy looking to take down Hugh Grant’s billionaire movie fan with the help of a movie star played by Josh Hartnett.

+ Clerks III (rel. 2022) – After 16 years, Kevin Smith is returning to his cult classic Clerks once again, this time for a third instalment of the trilogy that started all the way back in 1994. Rosario Dawson looks set to return, as do Jay and Silent Bob.

(Just About) Everything Else

This section is for the romcoms, the dramas, the historical epics and whichever other films didn’t quite fit into any of the categories listed thus far.

The Souvenir: Part II (rel. 4 February 2022) – Joanna Hogg returns to her deeply personal and autobiographical Souvenir story with another film that is set to tug on the heartstrings and send a loud message of a woman filmmaker taking ownership of her self and her form. Read our review.

The Woman King (rel. 16th September 2022) – Gina Prince-Bythewood (The Old Guard) directs this historical epic inspired by true events that happened in the Kingdom of Dahomey (Africa) in the 18th and 19th centuries, and is said to focus on vicious women warriors. Viola Davis, Lashana Lynch and John Boyega are amongst the names attached to star.

Don’t Worry Darling (rel. 23 September 2022) – Olivia Cooke is following her red-hot feature directorial debut Booksmart with a psychological thriller about a couple from the 1950s. British icons Florence Pugh and Harry Styles look set to star.

Some more to add to your watchlists (use Letterboxd, we do: /thefilmagazine):

+ Marry Me (rel. 11 February 2022) – Jennifer Lopez plays a pop icon whose very public marriage goes awry when she discovers her partner has been unfaithful. In the moment, she chooses to marry a nobody from the crowd instead (Owen Wilson).

+ Dog (rel. 18 February 2022) – Channing Tatum makes his directorial debut in this tale of a man and the dog he is intrusted to look after on a cross country trip to his friend’s funeral.

+ Downton Abbey: A New Era (rel. 18 March 2022) – No longer running as a television show, Downton Abbey is now a film series in its own right, A New Era will be directed by Goodbye Christopher Robin’s Simon Curtis.

+ The Lost City (rel. 25 March 2022) – Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt star in this action-rom-com about a romance novelist (Bullock) who is suddenly swept up in an adventure following a kidnap attempt.

+ Bros (rel. 12 August 2022) – Co-written by director Nicholas Stoller and Billy Eichner, this rom-com from Judd Apatow’s production house will follow two men who decide to get together in an attempt to solve their long-standing commitment issues. Luke Macfarlane is set to star.

+ Creed III (rel. 25 November 2022) – The third instalment in the Creed spin-off series of Rocky films will be directed by star Michael B. Jordan all-but ensuring one of the most passionate offerings yet.

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