20 Most Popular Articles 2020

5. Back to the Future Movies Ranked

Author: Annice White
Twitter: @annicewhite_

Three classic time travel blockbusters ranked from worst to best. If you like Back to the Future, you’ll like this.

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4. The Last Thing He Wanted (2020) Review

Anne Hathaway Last Thing He Wanted

Author: Leoni Horton
Twitter: @inoelshikari

2020 Dee Rees film The Last Thing He Wanted was an unremarkable film, earning just 2/24 in this review from Leoni Horton, but this article was superbly written and informative, and garnered a huge audience on search engines and on Reddit throughout 2020, pushing it all the way to number 4 in our list of most popular articles.

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3. High School Musical Trilogy Ranked

Author: Emma Kershaw
Twitter: @emmagkershaw

Readers of a certain age will be able to identify a fondness for these silly Disney Channel musicals, led by Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, and Emma G Kershaw isn’t shy about celebrating them. The three original High School Musical films are ranked here from worst to best, with positivity the message of the day in this piece.

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2. Quentin Tarantino Movies Ranked

Author: Beth Sawdon
Twitter: @FlipendoFilms

Quentin Tarantino is one of the world’s premiere filmmakers and one of the most iconic directors to have ever lived. The man behind the likes of Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, had his 10 career releases ranked from worst to best in this list, with Beth Sawdon reserving the top spot for a particularly well loved classic.

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1. Wuthering Heights Films Ranked

Author: Annice White
Twitter: @annicewhite_

For such a classic book with such an importance to the culture of the United Kingdom, it is perhaps surprising that “Wuthering Heights” has only ever been adapted for the silver screen four times, but in this list by Annice White, each version – from the 1939 movie by William Wyler to the 2011 Andrea Arnold movie – are ranked from worst to best, not only in terms of faithfulness to the source material, but as quality pieces of art in their own right.

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