20 Most Popular Articles 2020

10. Election (1999) Review

Author: Christopher Connor
Twitter: @chrisconnor96

A presidential election in the United States and controversy surrounding the personal life of this film’s director are likely reasons for this review breaking the top 10, but there’s no doubt that Christopher Connor’s astute observations and remarkable ability to contextualise analysis made it an enjoyable read worth sharing and revisiting.

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9. Every Oscar Nominated Best Picture Horror Film Ranked

Author: Joseph Wade
Twitter: @JoeTFM

Did you know that only 6 horror movies have ever been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars? Well, if you didn’t, you do now. And they’re each ranked from worst to best in this list by Joseph Wade.

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8. Panic! At the Movies: An Emo Top 10 Watchlist

Author: Leoni Horton
Twitter: @inoelshikari

“Emo” was such a huge thing in the 2000s and early 2010s that so many of us not only experienced it, but lived it. Now collectively disguised as “normies”, “hipsters” and “nerds”, those of us who were once straightening our fringes and listening to My Chemical Romance CDs can collectively rejoice in the emo classics available on this list from Leoni Horton.

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7. 100 Greatest Films of the 2010s

100 Greatest Movies 2010s

Authors: Jason Lithgo, Joseph Wade
Twitter: @CosmicJase , @JoeTFM

The 2010s was a sensational decade for cinema, and in this list Jason Lithgo and Joseph Wade put together their 10-plus years of university film studies degree work, film journalism and website editing, to determine which of the decade’s releases were the very best – listing 100 spectacular films in this ultimate watchlist.

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6. Twilight Movies Ranked

Best Twilight Movie

Author: Leoni Horton
Twitter: @inoelshikari

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may have moved on to become indie darlings, but the Twilight movies remain a strong part of our culture and a beloved series for so many of us. In this list from Leoni Horton, the film series’ 5 movies are ranked from worst to best in an article more for fans of the films than those with a particularly loud disdain for the franchise.

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