Once More with Feeling: 10 More of the Best Remakes

2. Let Me In (2010)

Original: Let the Right One In/Låt den rätte komma in (2008)

Matt Reeves went back to the source material to provide his own take on Tomas Alfredson’s chilly Swedish vampire film. The story is transposed to Regan’s America and the brutal imagery is ratcheted up even further, even if Chloe Grace Moretz can’t match the otherworldly quality of Lina Leandersson without some CGI assistance. What’s added is depth and sympathy to the supporting characters, particularly Richard Jenkins as Abby’s human guardian, food-bringer and former childhood companion – he’s an amoral killer, but we’re praying he’s not discovered for Abby’s sake when one of his hunts goes very wrong.

1. The Invisible Man (2020)

Original: The Invisible Man (1933)

The most different take on the same material on this list, Leigh Whannell turned Universal’s campy romp starring the fruity voice of Claude Rains into a hard-hitting and relevant metaphor for domestic abuse where the protagonist’s (Elisabeth Moss) and the audience’s imaginations are our own worst enemies. This Invisible Man is silent and implacable and terrifying, and Moss’s survivalist performance and Whannell’s mastery of his craft brings it all together in truly effective fashion.

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